Three Easy Home Organization Projects

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Home Organization Project #1

Okay folks, I’m getting started on one of my New Year’s goals: streamlining and getting our home more organized.  Here is my first project (and it was lots of fun!):

This is an over-the-door shoe organizer that now holds all the misc. items hanging around my kitchen, plus Joel’s little school items.  My mom passed this idea on to me from Better Homes and Gardens, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.  I think I will probably end up with more than one of these around the house.


Home Organization Project #2

We were in Big Lots picking something up today and I saw this shoe organizer for $3. (I know…what is it with me and shoe organizers?)  Anyway, I previously had all of our winter hats and gloves in a bag in the coat closet.  Whenever we needed something I would have to go digging.  Now each of us has a slot for hats and another for gloves, and there is even a spare slot at the bottom for my slippers!  Now we can quickly and easily grab what we need and it doesn’t take up very much space in the closet.


Home Organization Project #3–A Solution to the Paper Problem!

It seems as though I am constantly waging war against a monster in our home: the PAPER monster.  I have a very nice filing cabinet, and I try to deal with the mail as it comes in, but I still have stacks that pile up in my kitchen and office. It seems that there is a never-ending pile that needs attention before it can be filed away.  Thanks to a little file organizer I actually already owned and some file folders and labels, I’m feeling much better equipped to deal with my paper monster.


Take a look at the before and after pictures of yesterday and today’s project:  (Yes, I did actually deal with all the papers!)



My file labels are as follows:
My blog
To be filed
Rewards cards and gift cards
Insurance pending
Need to read

The little tags say:
Today’s mail
Outgoing mail
Checks to deposit



  1. Kris Lewis says:

    I just read somewhere that if you have a pantry door in your kitchen one of these shoe holders would be great for all those small things you can never find in your drawers. It could be the new home to your measuring spoons, kitchen shears, can opener, and a host of other small gadgets.

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