30 Ways to Cut the Cost of Living: Decorating, Part 1

#17 Use what you have to redecorate key areas of your home for FREE!

We have a fun treat today.  My mom, a wonderful interior decorator, has provided a fun list of ideas for things you can do to redecorate for free.  Enjoy!

  • Group a bunch of tea lights down the middle of your dining room table on pedestals for a formal centerpiece (no scented candles during a meal).
  • Change out silk flower arrangements by adding or removing flowers, especially with the seasons.
  • Stack bedroom pillows flat on top of each other largest to smallest, centered, instead of propped up.
  • Add a throw to the end of the bed, over the arm of a chair, couch, or on an ottoman.
  • Speaking of ottomans, use one or two as a coffee table with a tray on top for stability.
  • No ottoman? How about a large covered basket, a trunk, or a stack of old suitcases from the attic as an end table? (Screw the suitcases together.)
  • Rearrange furniture to pull it off the wall and make a conversation area, shaped in a U with the couch as an anchor and chairs on either side, facing each other.
  • Change out throw rugs from one room to another or turn them the opposite way or on an angle.
  • Recover accent pillows with left over fabric scraps…color block if necessary. Choose an accent color with pizazz to wake up your rooms.
  • Gather small tabletop picture frames from all over the house and put them on one table with family photos in them.
  • Rearrange bookshelves with all the books in size order and pulled to the front edge of the shelf.
  • Take all the magnets and notes off of your fridge…your kitchen will look amazingly different. I promise, this one works!
  • Clear your kitchen counters of anything you don’t use every day. You’ll love the “new” look.
  • Cut an old bedroom pillow in half and cover it to make two throw pillows.
  • If you have a willow tree, cut a vase full of 18″ budding branches and throw them in a vase.
  • Take your good china out of the cabinet and stack it on the mantle or as a centerpiece with a tea pot
  • Use plate hangers to hang plates on the wall in groupings by color.
  • Get out Grandma’s embroidered napkins or tea towels, starch them, and hang them over your guest towels in the bathroom.
  • Fresh fruit in a glass bowl is always nice in the kitchen.  Try lemons and limes.


Stay tuned for some more great ideas tomorrow!


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  1. I love your site! great ideas that I can’t wait to start saving money…


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