New Series Coming: “How to Use a Spending Plan”

I hope you enjoyed the previous series, 30 Ways to Cut the Cost of Living. I am grateful for your comments and feedback! Hopefully you are still exploring ways to reduce your expenses. Keep at it!

I’m excited to begin a new series, “How to Use a Spending Plan.” If you struggle with making the ends meet at the end of the month (or during, for that matter!), I hope you will join me for a practical, realistic approach to tackling the monthly budget. (Did I say the “B” word? Excuse me…I meant to say, “spending plan”!)

This concept goes hand in hand with the idea of cutting monthly expenses. Your money needs to have a plan and go where you tell it to go. As we work through the series, I hope you will find that this is a more achievable goal than you thought.

Note: The posts for this series will come as I have time to write them, so please don’t be surprised if there isn’t a new one each day.

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