Couponing Class or Couponing 101 Tutorial (Follow-Up)

Many of you recently attended one of my Coupon Classes here in Pittsburgh. You may recall that I said, “You need access to a lot of coupons to succeed with extreme couponing.” Maybe you have started collecting and organizing coupons and are wondering what to do next.

As I mentioned in the class, in order to maximize the effectiveness of your coupons, you need to use them on products when they are on sale at their lowest price. Know the prices of the items you frequently purchase so you know when they are on sale at their rock-bottom LOWEST price.

The last key to the process is to have access to sale and coupon match-ups for your store. On the national level, I offer highlights with links to the full list of match-ups at Target, Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens. For my Pennsylvania readers, I offer highlights of the best deals at Giant Eagle and Kuhn’s and provide a full list of match-ups for Shop ‘n Save.

Here is the link to the stores section on Simply Frugal Living.

Don’t see your store? You can easily do your own match-ups of sale prices with available coupons using my Coupon Database. Simply type the name of your sale item in the search field, hit enter, and you will see all the coupons that are currently available for that item. Coupon sources include Sunday coupon circulars, printable coupons, e-coupons, All You Magazines, and more.

If you haven’t read my Couponing 101 Tutorial, now would be a great time to do so! Remember, you could be saving 50-80% on your grocery and household items! Don’t delay…dive in and start saving today!

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  1. Carol Massena says:

    Thought this was very helpful. Attended your class and my daughter and I are trying hard, have really worked diligently getting set up.

    However, our Red Plum this past Wednesday came with only the front page and no coupons. When I called Red Plum 1-888 they said they were looking into this and to call back Tuesday and they may have more info. So by Tuesday, the deals will be gone.

    Also, on Holiday Weekends our paper, the Trib Greensburg does not put coupons in our paper and so we miss out on those deals. I also called them and explained flyers Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS stated there were PG coupons in Sundays paper. Trib said they would get the flyers out to me, but I called on Sunday and this is 3 p.m. Monday the 4th and some of the deals will be over and I have not received the coupons.

    Any suggestions.?

    I don’t feel PG would be happy they have paid for advertising and it is not getting out timely. Also, Red Plum advertisers.

    • Hello, Carol!

      So glad you enjoyed the couponing class!

      It has always been my experience that there are no coupon inserts on holiday weekends. I also saw in print that there would be a P&G insert this week, but I did not receive it, either, until yesterday. Did you get your P&G coupons in the mail yesterday?

      Otherwise, calling your paper to check on the situation is probably your best bet.

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