Yesterday’s Shopping Trips

I did something I haven’t done in a while last night: I made a quick trip to three grocery stores! Thankfully they were all pretty much in the same area so it wasn’t too difficult. Everything you see pictured was purchased strategically for menu items and pantry re-stocking.

Here’s the breakdown:

Worth: $105.34

Spent: $54.81

(Kuhn’s: $13.98; Giant Eeagle: $33.84; Shop ‘n Save: $6.99)

See this week’s sales w/ coupon match-ups for each store here.


  1. I was looking at your recent shopping trip and I saw Ovaltine! Which store did you get that at and is there a coupon for it and is it on sale! My kids love it but I don’t buy because of tghe epense! Also dud you cost the items for us and I can’t find?

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