Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas, Part 1

Welcome to a brand new series on Simply Frugal Living: Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas.


I love to give gifts. Christmas and birthdays are my favorite times of the year, partly for that reason! The challenge is always for me to stick to the budget that I have set for gift-giving.


We usually spend quite a bit of money at Christmastime. We both come from large families, and everyone gives gifts to everyone! So, the challenge is to give meaningful gifts that don’t break the bank.


My husband and I recently attended Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and are totally motivated to save! We’re on Baby Step #3, and we’re working with “gazelle intensity” to save our 3-6 months of living expenses. It’s amazing what you can do when you really put your mind to it!


This being said, and with Christmas right around the corner, we’re trying to think outside the box about how to approach Christmas gift-giving this year. We’ve set a smaller budget, but we don’t want to skimp. As I think of frugal ideas for gifts, I’ll be passing them along here. I’m excited about today’s idea.


Idea #1: Gift baskets packed with sample-size products and gifts


If you’ve been reading my posts for any length of time, you know that I’m always alerting you to freebies and free samples. Why not start to collect them and put together several pretty baskets to give as gifts at Christmas?


Get a head start by going to my Freebies static page and requesting a whole bunch of samples today!

Then check out the following categories:


How about you? Have an idea for a frugal gift idea? Leave a comment!


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  1. I always shop the sales right after Christmas for the next year. You can get awesome Christmas towels, candles and ornaments for very little money. T.J., Marshals and World Market are my favorites. For Example I have gifts for all 6 of my husbands Aunts and uncles already put together from my purchases last year, cost $22.00 for all 6.
    These include a beautiful dishtowel (world market) a tin of mulling spices (tin from WM, spices mixed by me) and a cedar candle ( WM) tied closed with raffia and a Christmas ornament (target). It can be hard to spend the money right after Christmas but it can be life saver the next year.

    Even if you do not stock up on the entire package like I did. It is a great time to get tin’s,jars and boxes for a great price.

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