It’s Mega Swagbucks Friday: How to Earn Through Games and More!

Today is Mega Swagbucks Friday!

Wondering what that means? Keep reading...


My friend, Cheryl, who blogs over at Simply CVS wrote a simple description of the Swagbucks program which I posted a couple weeks ago.

Today Cheryl is going to share how to earn more Swagbucks through playing to earn (games & more)!

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Note: I’ve been following Cheryl’s tips and I’ve seen my Swagbucks total triple! Woot!

There are dozens of ways to earn Swagbucks apart from the Swagbucks search engine.  As we continue our quest for more Swagbucks, and thus more prizes–or CVS Gift Cards as I would choose–we come to see that since “all work and no play” makes for a “dull” Swagernaut (“one who earns Swag Bucks) the SB team has put together some fun ways to earn for those who enjoy games.

    1. Swag Codes

    1. These are given out at different times during the day (usually late afternoon or evening) and can be found in the SB toolbars, widgets, blog, Twitter or on Facebook.
    2. They are presented in different formats.
    3. Sometimes it will just say “enter this code for 6 Swag Bucks.”
    4. Sometimes there is a one letter or number for the code in several different places and players must go on a hunt for them.
    5. Sometimes they are hidden in a blog post or even in the Swagstore descriptions of prizes (when hidden there are usually hints letting you know where to look, but there can be one just tucked in a blog post).
    6. An Example from a recent blog post that illustrates how you need to be willing to “play the game”:  “P.S. – The title of this blog post, with no spaces, is a code worth 6SB until 4pm PDT.  All of the letter are lower case except one, but which one?  Good luck!”
    7. They look unusual. Example: SwagcOdEsearnYoUmoresWagpriZes2.
    8. Enter the code in the box on the homepage.
    9. Swag Codes are case sensitive–enter it just like it is given.
    10. If there is a Swag Code there will be a lot of talk on their Facebook page about it–that is a good way to keep an eye out for when there is one.
    11. Codes are usually up for a short time but sometimes they are up for a full day.
    12. NEVER share a Swagcode — you can loose your account as it is against their terms of service.  But you may share that there is an active one and where to find the details.                                 .
  1. Swag Buck Member Teams
    1. Periodically SB will have a friendly competition for their members.  You can join one of two teams and play by the rules for the duration and the winning team members earn extra SBs.  Currently there is what they are calling Basket Brawl  Here are the contest rules to give you an idea of how they work:
    • Competition begins Tuesday 5/31/11 at 6:00am (Pacific Time).  Active participants on the Team with most points at the end of competition will each earn 20 Swag Bucks.
    • Each completed Task or Trusted Survey earns your team 3 points.
    • Each completed Special Offer or purchase of a Daily Deal earns your team 2 points.
    • The Competition will end on the same day as the conclusion of NBA Finals at the end of that day (Pacific Time).
    • If you are not on the winning team, you will still earn a bonus of 5 Swag Bucks as long as you were an active participant.
    • “Active Participant” is defined by completing any of the 4 activities.
    • “Activities” included in this promotion are Tasks, Trusted Surveys, Daily Deals and Special Offers.
    • If you completed a Survey with-in the Special Offers section it will be counted towards a Special Offer.”

     3. Games
             1.  Swagbucks offers online games in which you can earn more SBs.
Below is the explanation from the site:

    • “There are two ways to be rewarded for playing Games:
    • 1. Play games for free. That’s right: just playing games will randomly earn you Swag Bucks – anywhere from 1 to 5, and you can earn multiple times per day.
    • However, the BIG opportunities to earn will come from:
    • 2. Buying into tournaments. Each game has multiple tournament options where you risk a small amount of Swag Bucks for the chance to earn a large amount.”

Although I haven’t participated in any team competitions or played any of the games, I do get in on a Swag Bucks code now and again.  I often find them when I am visiting another site that has the SB widget on it like the one to the left. If  you have a blog or another site you may want to put one up so you can easily check and see if there is code.  Just click on the Swag Codes tab in the bottom and it will say where you can find one if there is a current code out (this one is just for illustration purposes).  You can get your own in the “promote” tab at Swagbucks.

If you have not yet signed up with Swagbucks, do so today and start earning!


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