My December Menu – Keeping it Simple!

I can hardly believe that we’re already at December 1st. In our home, December is an absolutely CRAZY month, mainly due to the fact that my husband is a church musician, and December is the busiest time of year for him. He has 9 performances this month, not counting his normal Sunday morning responsibilities! I have got to keep it simple this month or I’ll go nuts. 🙂

If you’ve been reading my blog for very long, or if you’ve been to my coupon class, you know that it’s always my goal to feed my family for $200 per month with coupons. It would be super easy for me to overspend this month because of how busy we will be, but I’m absolutely determined to stick to my budget and keep our grocery spending in check this month. Here’s how I’ll do it:

  1. I determined which nights we’ll actually be home for dinner this month. We have several meals at our church and we’ll be visiting family at the end of the month. I found that we will be home for 18 dinners this month.
  2. I made a menu for 18 meals, taking into consideration the items I already have in my freezer and pantry. I didn’t assign meals to any particular day, I just made a list of all the meals I intend to make. I kept it very simple – remember, this is a CRAZY month in our home! Crock pot recipes are a total bonus!
  3. I listed each item I need to purchase to make the menu happen (not a huge list thanks to my fridge and freezer!). I also thought through non-menu items I needed for the month, such as milk, eggs, yogurt, etc.
  4. I made a quick run to the store yesterday to snag a few items I needed while I could catch them before the sales changed today.
  5. I already have everything I need for a number of my menu items, so I’ll serve those first this month. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for sales on the items I still need to purchase.


Here are my meals for this month:

= 18 Dinners!

Check out more dinners for $5 or less here.


How about you? How do you plan to keep it simple this month?

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