This Month’s Menu: Update

As I mentioned in my post My December Menu – Keeping it Simple!, December is an absolutely crazy month for our family. My husband, a music minister, has already had three special musical performances this month in addition to regular Sunday morning worship services. This weekend our church is presenting a Madrigal Feaste with three performances: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. (BTW, tickets for Sunday are still available, if you want to come see me dressed as a nun and my husband as an abbot! Read about it here.)

So, back to the menu. We’ve been sticking to the menu I created for this month quite well, with the exception of one dinner out while my sister was here this past weekend. I had determined that I only needed 18 dinners for this month since we are having a few dinners at church this month, and we’ll be out of town some, too. Here’s where we stand:

Someone commented that they noticed a lack of fish dinner on our menu. None of us like fish…something we need to work on, I know! 🙂


Check out more dinners for $5 or less here.



  1. I havent made chicken pot pie in quite some time. I think we’ll be having this soon.Thanks for the reminder!

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