Selling to California: Reader Ideas!


Since writing my post about selling our way to California for a debt-free family vacation this year, I’ve received some fantastic reader ideas! I wanted to share some of them with you here to inspire you in your own selling/saving ventures:


Consignment Sales

In your quest to downsize and de-clutter, the consignment sales are a fabulous way to earn some money.  I had over $1600 worth of items that I sold for a profit (per se) of $800.  The only thing that it cost me were some safety pins and cardstock paper.  This paid for a new set of 4 tires for my mini-van. is the consignment sale that I use but I usually post a few bigger things on Craigslist to see if I can sell them first.

– Allison



Saving on Airfare, Hotels, and Rental Cars

As a frugal traveler & travel agent myself I wanted to give you a few tips for making your trip that will save you money. I went to Southern California last August & have traveled there with my family several times (I grew up in San Diego & Orange County). By registering with Travelocity & Expedia they will send you updates on airfare pricing. Southwest has often been my “go to” carrier, but the last trip I took I was able to split my flights between Continental & Southwest to save money. I flew into San Diego on Continental for only $100 (after taxes), then home again on Southwest.


You may also want to look at purchasing your rental car through Budget or any rental car company that offers you a “buy now” option. By purchasing my car in advance (not reserving it & paying at the time of pick up) I was also able to save money. My car rental for a standard vehicle was only $185. I would also consider looking in the suburbs for your hotel (if you need one). By staying in a non-tourist area you will save at least $50 a night.


You may also want to take into consideration which airport you fly into based on car rental expense. When we went to Southern California a few years ago, we knew we’d be traveling between San Diego & LA. There was very little difference in price to fly into either spot, however it was $400 more for us to rent a car in LA over San Diego. Do not be too deceived by the travel distance between the two (maybe 200 miles). California miles are different in that you utilize the freeway system for much of your travel & it speeds the process up. I traveled 500 miles in 4 days last summer but never spent more than 90 minutes on any one trip. In Pittsburgh & surrounding areas you’d spend much more time on the road for that kind of mileage.


-Tammy of Magical Moments Vacations

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