It’s Mega Swagbucks Friday: How to Print and Use eGift Cards Earned through Swagbucks!


Today is Mega Swag Bucks Friday!

Wondering what that means? Keep reading...


My friend, Cheryl, who blogs over at Simply CVS wrote a simple description of the Swag Bucks program which I posted a while ago.

Today Cheryl will share how to print and use eGift cards earned through Swagbucks.

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If you have been tracking with this weekly series, you probably have accumulated a good number of Swagbucks! You may be ready to start ordering some free gift cards. I have seen several reports from people who are confused on them being E-gift Cards instead of the plastic ones and also of cashiers being confused on the use of them, so I decided to write a post about them.  For those of you not doing Swag Bucks check out how you, too, can earn free CVS gift cards (or other great prizes and gift cards).  For those who want to earn more check out the Swagbucks 101 series to learn how to make the most you can.

These CVS E-Gift Cards are to be used in-store only.  You can even order them online at if you would like to. They are powered by Cashstar.

The Cost:

  • $10 —  1,249 SB
  • $25 —  3,045 SB
  • $50 —  5,875 SB

To Order:

  • Choose the Redeem tag at the top of the Swag Bucks home page and click on Swag Store.
  • Choose Gift & Rewards Cards on the left–you can click on it or choose the dollar amount you want to redeem for.
  • Find the card you want and click on it.
  • Click “snag this.”
  • Confirm your shipping address (even though they won’t send it).
  • Check for the verification email and follow instructions.

To Print:

  • In about 10 to 14 days it will post to your account.
  • Scroll over the number of your Swagbucks in the top right corner of the home page and choose “my gift cards.”
  • The gift card info will show at the top.
  • Copy the URL and paste into a new window.
  • Enter the Challenge # when prompted.
  • Print the full page that comes up. I often print two–and write duplicate on the extra and keep just in case I loose the first or it becomes too beat up to scan right.  I print mine in black and white and fast draft to save ink.
  • Mark it as used in your account.

To Use:

  • When you are ready to pay give it to the cashier.
  • They will choose “gift card” on their screen and scan the bar code.  It will deduct the amount just like on a regular gift card.
  • There are instructions at the bottom if the cashier doesn’t know how to use it.
  • Be sure and get it back–I have read of cashiers wanting to keep it like a coupon.
  • When I first started using them, or when I run into a new cashier, I simply say “this is an e-gift card.  There are instructions at the bottom on how to scan it if you are not familiar with them.” I have never had any problem.  Sometimes I’ll mention they can be purchased online at if they look like they think it is not a real thing.


I use them all the time and have for a few years now, even before Swag Bucks offered them.  Once in a while CVS will have a special where you can order $25 and get $5 free and I always take advantage of those when I see them and use them for my  mom’s prescriptions.

You can also use your SwagBucks for many other gift cards or prizes.


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