It’s Mega Swagbucks Friday: How to Earn a $10 CVS Gift Card


Today is Mega Swag Bucks Friday!

Wondering what that means? Keep reading...


My friend, Cheryl, who blogs over at Simply CVS wrote a simple description of the Swag Bucks program which I posted a while ago.

Today Cheryl is going to share possible ways to earn easy Swagbucks.

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To claim a $10 CVS gift card, you must have at least 1249 Swag Bucks. I decided I’d find the easiest, least amount of time invested way to earn a Free $10 CVS e-gift card each month thru Swag Bucks and share it with you all.  I tried to be conservative in my searching win numbers–it is very likely you will earn more than I have included.  If you prefer the Amazon gift cards, you could earn almost three $5 Amazon gift cards by doing the same thing.

Check out the full Swag Buck series to learn more about each method described below.

A 30-Day Month Plan

  • 604 — Searching Daily

Most people easily win twice daily
I chose an average win of 9 twice a day (based on my recent wins) [468]
I included four Mega SB Fridays of one 9 SB win and one 25 SB win [136]

  • 30 — Tool Bar Installed and opened with browser each day (1/daily)
  • 30 — Daily Poll Taken (1/daily)
  • 30 — Clicking on Trusted Surveys (1/daily)
  • 60 — Clicking thru NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers) (2/daily)
  • 24 — A Periodic Swag Code found in tool bar or blue tool bar at bottom of SB homepage (6 SBs/weekly)
  • 180 — Watching Swag Bucks T.V. (20 episodes daily, approx. 45 min. total on the shortest ones [remember you can do this while you are on the computer doing other things, restore down two windows and multi-task]–the pets & nature are the shortest, you can earn up to 75 SBs daily on this) (6/daily)
  • 300 — Take surveys, perform tasks, do special offers, shop online or play games periodically to earn an average of 10/daily for the month.

On many of the things above you could earn even more.  We all know that $10 at CVS can bring home a lot of items.  And if you find yourself rolling your CVS extra bucks each week and only paying tax on your purchases, a $10 free CVS gift card from Swagbucks each month just may cover that making all of your purchases free.

What is your favorite way to earn Swag Bucks?  Have you gotten any of the CVS e-gift cards yet?  What is your favorite Swag Bucks prize?  If you haven’t signed up yet, sign up today and check out the Swagbucks tutorial posts and see how you, too, can get free prizes for things you do online!




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