Selling to California – Our Garage Sale Progress

In case you missed my first post in this series, our family is using the desire of taking a debt-free family vacation to California to motivate us to de-clutter our home and prepare for a large garage sale this spring.

We set aside a section of our garage to hold everything we plan to sell. Here’s an update on our progress! All of these items are now OUT of our home, and we’re enjoying a house with much less clutter!

We still have several rooms and closets to go. Follow this series here.



  1. How exciting! We had out first garage sale last summer and looking forward to doing it again this year to reduce clutter. We have been working the Dave Ramsey plan for a year now so we can be debt-free someday.

    • That’s great, Bonnie! We are working through the Dave Ramsey baby steps, as well. Love that program…
      Did your first garage sale go well?
      Take care,

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