Today’s Cooking/ Baking: Blueberry Muffins, Scones, and Spaghetti Casserole

My husband was gone to a bell choir festival all day today, so the boys and I did a bunch of house cleaning, laundry, cooking, and baking! Phewie…I’m exhausted tonight, but feeling great about everything we did!

On the top you can see two dishes of spaghetti casserole waiting to be pulled out on a busy night. I used my $1 Giant Eagle pasta and sauce in this recipe. I really enjoyed having Easter left-overs all week, so I was determined to at least have one pre-made meal heading into this week. I’m also planning to do two crock-pot dinners, so it should be a pretty easy week.

And here are our blueberry muffins, raisin scones, and white chocolate chip scones. I still need to cut them up and put them in freezer bags. It’s always nice to have some things pre-made and ready to pull from the freezer!

I’ll post all the recipes soon.

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