Selling to California – Exciting Update!

In case you missed my first post in this series, our family is using the desire of taking a debt-free family vacation to California to motivate us to de-clutter our home and prepare for a large garage sale this spring.

I haven’t posted in this series for some time, but this doesn’t mean we haven’t still been hard at work! Most of our home has now been de-cluttered. We have a two-car garage, and almost half of one side is packed with items we have cleared out of our house and are preparing to sell at our garage sale in a couple weeks.



We just purchased our airline tickets for California last week! Not only are we going to spend several days visiting my grandmother and introducing her to our sons, but we are also going to take the boys to Disneyland! My folks and youngest sister are also getting in on the action. They plan to join us for Disneyland and the visit with Grandma. This is a dream come true…I can’t wait! (We live on the east coast, and my 90-year-old Grandma lives on the west coast. The last time I saw her was when my husband and I stopped for a visit on our honeymoon six years ago.)

My oldest son and I made a paper chain to count down the days today. Anticipation and preparation are definitely part of the fun of a trip like this!

Speaking of preparation, I have my work cut out for me to hunt down the best car rental deal and hotel deals for the few nights we need lodging. I’ve already started scouring the  daily deal sites* for the California cities we’ll be visiting, looking for deals I can purchase ahead of time. I’ve already snagged the Baja Fresh restaurant deal at Saveology ($17.50 for a $25 gift card).

*Here’s a list of my favorite deal sites:

I’ll keep you posted on our progress after our garage sale!

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  1. I’m so excited for you!!! What good news. I hope it will be a very special time.

  2. Hi Andria,
    We have had good luck with excellent deals on car rentals in the past by using Hotwire and Priceline “name your own price” deals, usually pretty close to when we’re ready to go. In California, we’ve gotten weekly car rentals for $12-$13 per day. Just another place you might want to check.

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