Selling to California – An Update

Our trip is rapidly approaching and we’re getting super excited! I’ve been working hard to swing the deals on all of the necessary expenses for the trip. Here’s where we’re at with expenses at this point:

CA Trip Expenses
Airline Tickets x 3 $1,028.10
Car x 7 days $88.68
Anaheim Hotel x 3 (Disneyland) $381.00
Disneyland tickets $250.00
San Diego Hotel x 1 still need to book
Food in Disneyland $50.00
Food on the trip $75.00
Parking in PGH x 7 days $46.03
Total $1,918.81

Here are the resources I have used to book the trip so far:


Airlines tickets and car rental: (I couldn’t believe that I got a car for a week for only $88!)

Hotel: Hotels.comย  (HUGE sale going on right now!)

Save On Airport Parking Airport Parking: Airport Parking

Other ways I’m saving:

  • My cousin works at Disneyland and is able to sign a few of us in for free both days we are going(!!!!). This is saving us a bundle.
  • Of the seven nights we will be in California, we will be spending 3 of them with family, saving us a bunch on our hotel costs.
  • We are going to lug our own car seats along with us and save $9.99 per day by doing so.
  • I am couponing to get cheap or free snacks to pack in our luggage so we don’t have to buy as much while we’re there.
  • I’ve signed up for daily deals in the cities where we’ll be visiting so I can snag deep restaurant discounts for the times we will be eating out.
  • By traveling before our youngest turns 2 we are saving an airline ticket as well as Disneyland tickets!


Now for the financial update:

We still have not had our garage sale, although we will be having it soon. As we’ve gotten into this project we’ve realized that we are probably going to end up spending more than $2,000. I’m now thinking that $2,200 is a bit more realistic for all of our expenses on the trip. I’m concerned that we won’t be able to raise quite that much with the sale, so we’ve been setting anything extra that we make aside for the trip as well. We still don’t plan to dip into savings for this trip! Here’s where we’re at right now:

$300 from two weddings my husband played

$200 from a funeral service my husband played

$250 from a coupon class I taught

$100 from extra money saved through couponing

$250 from money we didn’t spend out of our budget in April 2012

$100 for a special service my husband played for the Pittsburgh marathon runners

Total saved so far:$1,200.00


I’ll update again when we start selling our stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚




  1. Sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job! I was shocked with the rental car price for a week too! Great find! ๐Ÿ™‚

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