Ideas for {Frugal} Summer Fun: Today’s Stable Visit

I’ve been trying to get creative with fun and frugal activities for our boys this summer. I’ll be sharing my ideas (and yours if you leave me comments!) in this series throughout the summer. Be sure to sign up for my free e-mail so you don’t miss it!

Today we had an awesome opportunity to go see 30 horses at the stable where a friend of mine keeps her horse. The boys had never been to a stable, so it was an amazing experience for them. It was super fun for me because the smells that met me when I walked through the door sent me whirling back to my childhood. My Grandpa took me often to visit and ride his horse at a stable similar to the one we visited today. Such great memories.

Here was our fun {free} adventure today:


Boy #2 was not so sure about the whole thing at first!

For Boy #1 it was LOVE at first sight!


We even saw some donkeys!


The countryside was absolutely GORGEOUS!


We were being watched!


Boy #1 got to sit on Cortez!


We got a demonstration of trotting and galloping!


We had such a great time. Thank you, Val! :)


  1. What a fun idea! It looks like you had a gorgeous day!!!

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