My Favorite Time Management Tip

I’ve heard this tip from so many people throughout my life that I can’t justly give credit where it’s due. But this is my absolutely FAVORITE time management tip ever, and I’ve been trying to live by it today:


At the beginning of the day, determine the top three things that absolutely MUST be accomplished that day, and then get them done by noon. You’ll feel just great about the rest of your day!


My top three priorities for today:

  1. Work on VBS (I’m leading it…)
  2. Do three loads of laundry
  3. Care for the container garden


Report: VBS won’t be done until it’s done, but I made good progress. The laundry is washed (now I need to fold it), and the garden is watered and weeded. I even got to play with my boys for a bit because we got so much done! (Did I mention I was also on TV this morning? It’s been a productive day!)

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