Organic Journey: Earth Fare Coupon Trip

In light of our recent decision to introduce more organic foods into our diet, I decided to give my local Earth Fare a try. I went online to see what coupon options were available, and happily I found that they offer coupons online, a $7 off of $30 digital coupon when you sign up for their emails, plus five coupons for $1 items came in my first email!

Armed with some of these coupons I did a small test trip. Here’s the picture and totals:
EarthFare trip1

Worth: $37.25

Spent: $21.02

Apples are on the dirty dozen list, and my boys eat tons of them, so this is my first time giving organic apples a try. WOW- they are delicious! Expensive, but so much better for us.

I was pleased to see that organic eggs were on sale for only $2.27- less than regular eggs at Publix!

The pineapple was $2.97, and it’s not organic, but that’s okay because it is on the clean 15 list. 🙂

As I mentioned in my first post, we’re not switching to organic overnight. But I’m trying to introduce more organic foods to our diet as we can afford it. My plan right now is to just grab the loss leaders each week from Earth Fare and Fresh Market (and maybe Publix). I’ll keep reporting how it goes!



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