Organic Journey: Aldi Trip Report!

As I’ve been mentioning lately, my husband and I have recently come to the decision that we need to begin to integrate more organic foods into our diet. As of now, I am only attempting to replace about 25% of our conventional diet with organic foods. I’m mainly focusing on fruits, vegetables and meats, and I’m not worrying about any produce that is on the clean 15 list. This goal isn’t too difficult to achieve, and I’m enjoying the deal hunting!

Aldi has recently introduced a new line of organic food called Simply Nature, and it is fabulous! Both the price and the taste of the products in this line are unbeatable! I wish we had an Aldi near us in Montgomery, AL. For now I have to hike up to Birmingham every so often, but it’s worth it!

Aldi trip, aldi organic

 Here is a sample of organic items I purchased on my last trip:

  • organic baby spinach- $1.99 per container
  • organic baby carrots- $1.19
  • organic bananas- $1.38
  • organic toasted oats- $1.99 (incredible price!!)
  • natural shredded wheat- $1.99
  • organic black beans- $0.89 (!!)
  • natural multi-grain chips- $1.69
  • natural fruit snacks (large box!)- $3.69

Total: $19.68 for everything in the picture

Now that I’ve been shopping around for organic food, I am even more impressed by Aldi’s Simply Nature line of natural and organic items. Can’t wait for my next trip!

Note: Keep a look out for organic produce and meat whenever you visit Aldi. A friend recently reported to me that she scored an amazing deal on organic, grass-fed beef for only $5.99 a pound!

Check out just a few of the amazing products and prices currently available in Aldi’s Simply Nature line:

Simply Nature

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