Two dinners for a family of 5 for under $10 each!

I love the opportunity summer provides to grill and indulge in seasonal produce. Our family of five has recently enjoyed some yummy summer meals for just under $10 per meal – total! That comes to just under $2 per person, per meal. A meat deal at Fresh Market and some finds at the local farmer’s market provided the components of our meals. Here are the details:

Note: I scored a bunch of meat at Fresh Market as part of their $2.99 Tuesday promotion. I got antibiotic and hormone-free chicken and also ground chuck for $2.99 per pound, each.


Hamburgers, Corn on the Cob and Watermelon


  • I made seven homemade burgers with 2 pounds of ground chuck from the Fresh Market meat deal – $6
  • Hamburger buns were B1G1 ($2.99) at the Winn Dixie deli and we used half a bag – $0.75
  • We used a quarter of a $6 (organic) watermelon from the farmer’s market- $1.50
  • Corn on the cob- $0.99
  • Lettuce and tomato- negligible amount (both purchased at a great price from the farmer’s market)

Note: If I had purchased a package of ready-made fresh burgers, I would have easily paid double what I paid for the seven burgers I made from the ground chuck.


Lightly Breaded Italian Chicken, Veggies and Bread


  • Two pounds of chicken breast from the Fresh Market meat deal- $6
  • Seasonal veggies from the farmer’s market (partially breaded)- about $2
  • Loaf of bread from the Walmart Deli- $1


Very simple meals, but they were yummy and easy to make! I loooove spending less that $10 for a dinner for my whole family. I know, I know…once our little boys are teenagers that probably won’t happen as often! Until then… 🙂




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