5 Tips for Scoring at the Farmer’s Market


Pictured below is my haul from the trip my boys and I made to the Montgomery Curb Market yesterday morning. I spent a total of $25 for everything pictured- not bad when you consider that this is organic produce! My favorite bargain was the large bowl of blueberries- only $5! Peaches are in season and are sweeeet as can be, as is that huge watermelon!


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I’ve been shopping for produce at the Farmer’s Market frequently since we began our journey toward a more organic diet. I also love to score produce deals at Aldi, but my nearest store is an hour and a half away and I can’t get there more than once a month. Hence the Farmer’s Market has become my favorite place in town to snag a great deal on produce. (Thanks for the lead, Evelyn!)

Most areas should have a farmer’s market at this time of year. Here’s a farmer’s market directory to help you find one near you!


Here are five simple tips for shopping at farmer’s markets {from my experience}:

1. Shop early.

The Montgomery Curb Market is open 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. As you might imagine, the best selection is available early in the morning. One afternoon I slipped in right before closing and found most of what I needed, but the selection was no where near as good as it is when I go earlier in the morning. The Farmer’s Market is a busy place!


2. Shop with a list and bring cash

I have only noticed one table out of about 25 that takes debit cards. Be prepared with cash. And be sure to bring a list of items you need for this week’s menu. Let your list guide your purchases. Everything is so fresh and tempting… πŸ™‚


3. Scout out all the tables prior to making a purchase and don’t feel pressured to buy

Although the prices are comparable from table to table for the most part, a $10 watermelon at one table might be $6 at another table (for the same size). Resist the urge to buy right in the door. Walk around; scout out the tables; ask for prices when they aren’t listed.


4. Ask questions

Last week I was looking for lettuce and couldn’t find any to save my life. I finally asked one of the vendors who pointed me to a table where only two heads of lettuce remained. Score!


5. Enjoy the experience!

I have had so much fun talking with the farmers. I’ve learned a ton even in just a few conversations. It’s a neat trip with the kids. They might even get a free sample like we did yesterday. Watermelon…yum!


Have you been to your local farmer’s market yet this year? What do you like about it?



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