5 Ways to Stash Away for Christmas (for FREE!)


December is an expensive month every year, especially if you and your spouse come from large families (like we both do!) where everyone gives to everyone. It’s so much fun, but it can be a drain on the pocketbook. We all know December is coming, and yet we don’t always plan for it as we should.

I am using the following resources to stash away for Christmas…

…and it’s not costing me a cent! I’m super excited about each and every suggestion I’m going to make, because I’ve already been working on all of them, and I’ve got payouts coming that I’ll use for Christmas shopping later this year.

1. Swagbucks

I have a series describing how to earn big time with Swagbucks. (Swagbucks 101 tutorial) Here’s an example of how you could use your Swagbucks to get gifts for folks on your list for FREE! (Items go “on sale” so it’s not a bad idea to check in from time to time and see what you want to snag and hold for Christmas.)

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Here are just a very few examples of things you can buy with your SB:

2. SavingStar eCoupons

I love this because it is such a no-brainer! Simple register your grocery store shopping card, your Rite Aid, and your CVS card with SavingStar, and you can start adding eCoupons to your card. Here’s where this helps with saving for Christmas: When you purchase an item for which you have a SavingStar eCoupon, they credit the value of the coupon to your SavingStar account. Once you reach $5 you can request a Paypal credit, a transfer to your bank account, or a gift card. Best of all, you can use these eCoupons in conjunction with paper coupons, so you’ll still see savings at the register, plus you’ll be earning money in your SavingStar account just for buying those items! It’s a Win-win!

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3. Aisle50.com

Aisle50 is a neat grocery shopping daily deal site that allows you to earn a $50 Amex card for every 20 people you refer to them! Send out an e-mail, post on your Facebook page, and then stash that $50 away for Christmas shopping!

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4. Ebates

If you do any shopping online whatsover (including Groupon, Restaurant.com, Diapers.com, etc.) you could be earning cash back on every single purchase! The cash goes into your Ebates account and you can request it when you’re ready to go Christmas shopping! Another no-brainer. Get something back when you shop online!

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5. Inbox Dollars

$5 bonus when you sign up. Get paid to read emails, take surveys, try products, shop online, and play games. It works! Takes a bit of time, but it’s a way to get FREE Christmas money!

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How about you? Are you doing anything creative to save for Christmas shopping? Share a comment!




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