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FreshMarket meat

I absolutely cannot stand to pay full price for meat, so I’m always looking for a good deal- hopefully at least 50% off the regular price. I love that our Fresh Market has a promotion every Tuesday in which boneless, skinless chicken breast (100% vegetarian diet, never given antibiotics) and ground chuck are both $2.99/lb. At my request, they package the fresh meat in two pound packages that I can easily toss in the freezer and pull out to make meals throughout the month. I bought roughly ten pounds of ground chuck and about eight and a half pounds of chicken today.

Had I gone in a different day and paid full price, I would have spent $112.55 total, including 10% tax for everything you see pictured. By stopping in on a Tuesday, I got everything for $61.17 total, including 10% tax. I saved 46% over all, almost hitting my 50% savings goal. No coupons…just strategic shopping.

Something to think about…

Think about how easy it is to spend $60 going out to eat. I spent a total of $61.17 on meat today, and I am now supplied for the main item of at least TEN dinners and FIVE-SIX lunches (left-overs). I try as hard as I can to keep each dinner at home to a total cost of $6-$10 for all five of us. This meat deal sure helps me accomplish that!

Have you tried out The Fresh Market $2.99 Tuesday deals?


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