My Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry Room Before

Last October my husband and I bought a home built in 1960.

Not much had been done to it since then, but the bones were great! We just needed to see past LOTS of old wallpaper and paint and bathrooms and a kitchen in much need up updating.


A fresh coat of paint…

The very first thing we did ( with the help of friends!) was to paint the whole inside of the house, top to bottom. That made a HUGE difference! Our expenses were: 1) paint (of course), 2) painting materials, 3) a wallpaper steam-remover (best purchase ever!). For around $1,000 we have a freshly-painted home. Not bad when you get a whole new look with just a coat of paint!


Now, on to the updates…

The least expensive room to update was the laundry room, and I’m going to share that project with you today. We stripped the wallpaper and painted it a nice, neutral color. Eventually we would like to get a stainless steel washer and dryer, but for now we’re using what we have!



I had this wonderful shelf we were given for our wedding almost nine years ago sitting in a corner with no place to go. I decided to get paint matched to a  “Laundry” sign I had purchased on sale at Hobby Lobby. We brought the sign to Home Depot where we had the color matched. I used a $1 paint brush from the dollar store and the whole project took only about 1.5 hours – start to finish!



And here is the finished job!

I love my new laundry room!




 Stay tuned for more updates!

Next up – patio makeover…



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