The Weekly Haul: Publix – Worth $71, Spent $32

Publix trip

Welcome to The Weekly Haul. I’m sharing my shopping trips here with the goal of motivating you to use your coupons and apps to save at the register each week!

This week’s trip was at Publix where I spent $32 even (including our 10% tax) for $71.79 worth of groceries. You’ll notice I didn’t purchase any milk, meat, or eggs at Publix- I got the meat at The Fresh Market as part of their $2.99 Tuesday deal and scored milk for $2.80 a gallon and a dozen and a half eggs for $1.99 at Costco. This was all I needed to round out our menu for the week.

I use various resources to prepare Publix couponing trips. This week I used

Did you know…

You can use both a MFR and store coupon against one item at Publix? Target printable coupons count as a store coupon (competitor coupons accepted!).


If you want to jump on the band wagon, you’ll need to start getting the paper so you have access to the coupon circulars. Here’s a link to a discounted subscription. is my favorite spot to print internet coupons.

Print Free Coupons

Be sure to download the iBotta app. (I got $.50 back on my gallon of milk thanks to iBotta!) Here’s my post about how to use iBotta.




Use a sale/coupon match-up service. They are usually always free! As I mentioned, I used for this trip. I think I only used one or two Publix digital coupons on this trip, but that’s another great resource you should be signed up for! You’ll need to register, and then just enter your phone number at the checkout register (before you begin the payment process) and the coupons will automatically be deducted.

Have fun savin’!  🙂



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