How we “remodeled” our guest bathroom for less than $250

In October of 2013 we purchased a lovely home in the deep south that was built in 1960. The precious thing had barely been touched…since 1960. The bones were great, the yard was big, and the layout was just what we wanted. We squinted and imagined what could be, and we are currently in the process of painting, updating, refreshing, and re-doing. Lots of work, but so worth it!

I don’t intend to teach, because I’m no home remodeling (or decorating) pro, but I am excited to share the stories and pictures of transformation in each room and area of our home. I’ll update as often as I can!

This certainly wasn’t our first project, but I’m going to share our guest bathroom re-do. It’s not a true remodel, but I feel like it may as well have been! I LOVE the finished product!! The best part- the whole project cost us just under $250. total. amen.



Here are the only, “before” pictures I can find. Check out the wallpaper- gotta love it!

Very old bathroom 1

very old bathroom 2


very old bathroom 3



Okay, here are some pictures of the bathroom after we simply stripped the out-dated wallpaper from the the walls. We did that first thing when we moved in back in 2013, as well as covering the oil-based-painted cabinetry with a primer that was supposed to prepare it for latex paint. It didn’t work. The primer chipped right off. 🙁  We needed to scrape the primer and prep the surface to be painted with oil-based paint. We got discouraged. The bathroom just…….sat there……like this…..until last month:  {ugh}


old bathroom 1


old bathroom 2


Finally got up the gumption and we stripped the primer from the cabinets, prepped all the surfaces for painting, and got to work. I had been planning to paint the creamy yellow tile white, paint the cabinets dark brown and the walls a light rosy brown, but I was truly intimidated by the thought of painting all that tile. My mom suggested sticking with the yellow and painting the walls/cabinets gray- after all yellow and gray are very stylish these days!


We bought pebble gray paint at Walmart, a cute (clearanced) light fixture, as well as new, white switch plates at Lowes, yellow towels and a darling, fluffy rug and toilet seat cover at Target, white towels and a few things for the counter at Ross, frame and picture at Hobby Lobby, and updated hardware at Home Depot. The final price tag on the re-do? Under $250. And it seriously feels like a brand new bathroom! Check it out…


new bathroom 1


new bathroom 2


new bathroom 3


new bathroom 4


New bathroom 5


New bathroom 6

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