My Low-Cost Gallery Wall

Time for another house update!

I’ve been wanting a gallery wall for a long time. When my mom came to visit last fall, we decided to attempt it. Neither of us had ever designed a gallery before, but we got lots of inspiration from Pinterest.


I don’t have my receipt from Hobby Lobby, but I used a 40% coupon to purchase a small frame, and the clock and cross were both 50% off. I already owned everything else we used to create the gallery wall. We began trying out arrangements- lots of arranging and re-arranging, believe me! We placed larger pieces in the center and tried to keep the edges even in size and color. We painted a few of the wooden frames to fit the color scheme.


We spread art paper on the floor and placed all the frames exactly where we wanted them. Then, measuring the distance between frames, we marked the nail holes on the paper. Using a level, we then taped the paper to the wall and put nails in the wall exactly where the paper indicated.


Here it is…


gallery original



After living with the wall for a few months, I decided that it was just too dark for the room. It was also a little too large for the wall. I removed some of the smaller pieces from the outer edge and I used some white paint I had on hand to paint a few of the largest black pieces. It actually took two days because everything took a white to dry and needed two coats.


gallery wall 1




I am so pleased with the final product! It fits the space on the wall and the color scheme of the room so much better. I love the “family” theme and the use of both real pictures and art.



gallery wall 2


gallery wall 3


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