My #ALDI picks of the week

My nearest ALDI is over an hour away, but I try to get there at least once a month to stock up on my favs- including a bunch a produce.

I spent $151.19 including tax on my most recent trip for 89 items- averaging $1.69 per item. Not bad when you consider I bought some “pricey” items like diapers and olive oil! Here are just a few of my favorites from my most recent trip:


ALDI’s gluten free line is awesome. The price for this GF pasta is only $1.25. AMAZING!!



ALDI’s organic line is also incredible. The price for this organic chicken broth is only $1.79!


Organic ALDI

Just a few more regularly-priced items that beat sale prices almost anywhere else:

string cheese- $2.79

cream of celery soup- $.059

12 dbl roll bath tissue- $4.99

refrigerated tortellini- $1.99

great northern beans- $0.59

extra virgin olive oil- $3.29

12 qt. drink mix packets (lemonade) $0.99

organic agave – $2.49

honey crunch oats cereal- $1.79

box of graham crackers- $1.39

35 calorie whole wheat break loaf- $1.29

24-pack purified water- $2.29


I could go on..



I NEED ALDI to come to Montgomery so I can save like this every week! 😉






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