One Easy Tool I Use to Fight Inflation



My husband and I have recently been talking about how much the cost of living has risen in the past few years. I remember reading an article back in 2010 that warned of major inflation in 2014. Yep. It happened.


We fight hard to keep our cost of living down. I actually treat it like a part-time job. After all, you don’t pay taxes on the money you SAVE- only on the money you MAKE! So, if I save our family $10,000 or more a year on our expenses, it’s just as if I worked a part-time job! I spend 2-3 hours a week working to help our family save money, and we do! I save us at least $10,000 a year between all of our spending categories! Not a bad return on 2-3 hours a week.


Coupons help me save and stretch our family’s income as thin as possible. I stack coupons with weekly sales at the grocery store to save a ton, and I try to never buy anything online without a coupon or promo code. It’s easy to forget to use coupons when shopping online, but if you have a great resource to help you do it, it’s a cinch!


Take a look at an example of just a few of the coupon codes available online today:




My favorite coupon today is one from Target.

Up & Up products at Target are already a great buy, but paired with this coupon, they stretch your dollar even more! Check it out:


Target up and up

Yes, inflation is crazy.

But you can keep things a little more reasonable by committing to avoid paying full price whenever possible. Use the online resources that are right at your fingertips and see how much you can save!




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