Back to School and Learning with Netflix! #StreamTeam

Netflix Logo Update 2014

August 13th seems like such an early start for school, but we have had our “first days” and we are off to the races! My oldest son started 2nd grade this year, and I will be homeschooling him! He and I are both super excited, and…so far, so good! We are using the classical education model for schooling, so we will have a strong focus on logic and memorization. He will learn how to diagram a sentence, how to analyze literature, and in history he will learn all about the middle ages. Super cool stuff! He is crazy about math and science, so I’m really looking forward to huge progress in those subjects this year.

Joel first day of second grade

My second son just started Kindergarten and is loving it! Today he came home and announced that he now knows the names of two of his classmates by heart. Although he is already reading simple words, he cannot wait to get proficient in reading. Fun days ahead for this sweet boy!

Nathan first day of kindergarten

My challenge is going to be to keep my third son (two) occupied and busy while I teach my second grader. Today we got out his absolute favorite: Thomas the Tank Engine (and all the tracks), bristle blocks, and even the easel with chalk and crayons!

First day of school 2015

First day of school 2015


In addition to his toys and crafts, my littlest is allowed to spend 30 minutes each morning watching an educational show on Netflix, such as one of the Leapfrog episodes (my absolute favorite- so fun and educational!), Little Einsteins, or one of the titles listed below.

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Reading Rainbow- NOW STREAMING!

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Magic School Bus


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The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!


After an afternoon of play, reading, piano practice, etc., I allow the older boys to watch their favorite educational shows: Odd Squad and Wild Kratts– both of which stream on Netflix! I really appreciate the opportunity Netflix affords my kids to blend entertainment with learning- while providing me with the ability to make dinner in peace! 🙂


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Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

70208106 hd1080 426x607


How the State Got Their Shapes

80062985 hd1080 426x607


Odd Squad

Before I go, I have to tell you…Netflix is now streaming one of my absolute favs: Leap Year!! I am so stinkin’ excited!!! If you haven’t seen it, stop what you’re doing right now, grab a snack and watch it. Seriously.


Leap Year



What have you been streaming on Netflix recently? I would love to hear from you!



Note: As part of the Netflix Stream Team I am given movie suggestions, crafts, and recipes each month, as well as a complimentary subscription. This does not affect my opinion in any way. I have enjoyed Netflix as a frugal family entertainment option for years prior to joining the Stream Team.



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