I purchased all of this for only $25…. #ALDIbdaySurprise

$25 at ALDI


Have I mentioned lately how much I love ALDI? I so desperately wish they would open a store in Montgomery! I’m tired of driving an hour and 15 minutes to Alabaster every time I want to go- which is ALL the time!


ALDI sent me a gift card for my birthday, and look at everything it bought! I would have spent at least $50 dollars at any other grocery store for these items- even if many of them were on sale!


If you notice in this picture, I have several breakfast items (including organic pumpkin flax granola and organic steel cut oats AND  my favorite coffee and creamer!), and major components of at least three meals: gluten-free pasta, (chicken) caesar salad, and chicken pot pie (with organic chicken broth!) Plus, I scored my favorite squeezable water flavor and salt-free seasoning. Happiness!


Have you checked out the Aldi-licious series here on Simply Frugal Living lately? You’ll find some great recipes featuring ingredients exclusively from ALDI!


Thanks, ALDI!


Now, what can I do to convince you to come to Montgomery??



By the way…

You might like to see what’s on sale this week, and be sure to find a store near you!



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