Q. I want to start saving money on groceries and household items.  Where do you suggest I start?

A. Please take a few moments to read my Couponing 101 page.  It will give you all the tools you need to start seeing some significant savings at the checkout register.


Q. I see a lot of abbreviations on your site that don’t make sense to me, like SS, RP, wyb, oop, etc.  What does it all mean?

A. See this brief explanation of Coupon Lingo and you’ll be in the know!


Q. Do you really only spend $200 per month for grocery and household item?

Yes, that’s our budget and I stick to it!  I’ve been a serious couponer for several years, though, so it has taken a little while to get to this point.  $50/ week works well for our family, but if you have a larger family or special dietary needs, you may need to spend a little more.


Q. What do you consider to be a good deal?

A. At least 50% off for most items.  This is a tricky question to answer because of the variables with different times.  Cereal, for example, can cost more than $4 a box, but I can usually pay as little as $1 a box, and can  sometimes snag them for free with the right sales and coupons!  Drastic savings are not possible for some non-coupon items like produce, milk and most varieties of eggs, and usually you have to wait for great sales on meat to see any savings there.  However, some items, like toothpaste, tooth brushes, and floss, I know that I can get for free with the right sale and coupons, so I wait until that scenario presents itself and stock up!  Before long you will know your prices well enough to know when you’ve got a great “stock up” deal.


Q. What should I do if a cashier won’t accept a coupon?

A. Make sure you know and abide by your store’s coupon policy.  If you believe that your coupon should be accepted, either ask the cashier to check with a manager or finish your order and go to the customer service desk with your purchased item and coupon in hand to receive a refund.  It is rare that the cashier is in the wrong, but it does happen!  Right now I can think of 4 separate occasions in two different stores where a cashier would not take one of my coupons for one reason or another.  THey were in the wrong and the store manager gave me a refund!  I don’t shop at Walmart very often, so I am not as familiar with the nitty gritty of their coupon policy.  Just yesterday I presented a BOGO FREE coupon for two items and learned that they do not accept computer-printed coupons for BOGO FREE items, regardless of the fact that the coupon came directly from the product company’s own site.  Hmm…learned something new!

Watch your transaction carefully from start to finish.  I cannot tell you how many times I have noticed items ringing up for the wrong price or seen a cashier accidentally miss a coupon here or there.  It pays to watch your order carefully!  Many stores will give you an item free if it rings up incorrectly.


Q. What’s your story?  Why did you start couponing?

A.  Read a bit about my story here.


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