10 Craft Room Organizational Tips

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It’s about time we had some more home organization tips here on Simply Frugal Living! I love the ideas Myra over at My Blessed Life found for organizing a craft room (or area).

Go here to read 10 inspiring ideas!

Selling to California – Exciting Update!

In case you missed my first post in this series, our family is using the desire of taking a debt-free family vacation to California to motivate us to de-clutter our home and prepare for a large garage sale this spring.

I haven’t posted in this series for some time, but this doesn’t mean we haven’t still been hard at work! Most of our home has now been de-cluttered. We have a two-car garage, and almost half of one side is packed with items we have cleared out of our house and are preparing to sell at our garage sale in a couple weeks.



We just purchased our airline tickets for California last week! Not only are we going to spend several days visiting my grandmother and introducing her to our sons, but we are also going to take the boys to Disneyland! My folks and youngest sister are also getting in on the action. They plan to join us for Disneyland and the visit with Grandma. This is a dream come true…I can’t wait! (We live on the east coast, and my 90-year-old Grandma lives on the west coast. The last time I saw her was when my husband and I stopped for a visit on our honeymoon six years ago.)

My oldest son and I made a paper chain to count down the days today. Anticipation and preparation are definitely part of the fun of a trip like this!

Speaking of preparation, I have my work cut out for me to hunt down the best car rental deal and hotel deals for the few nights we need lodging. I’ve already started scouring the  daily deal sites* for the California cities we’ll be visiting, looking for deals I can purchase ahead of time. I’ve already snagged the Baja Fresh restaurant deal at Saveology ($17.50 for a $25 gift card).

*Here’s a list of my favorite deal sites:

I’ll keep you posted on our progress after our garage sale!

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Selling to California – Our Garage Sale Progress

In case you missed my first post in this series, our family is using the desire of taking a debt-free family vacation to California to motivate us to de-clutter our home and prepare for a large garage sale this spring.

We set aside a section of our garage to hold everything we plan to sell. Here’s an update on our progress! All of these items are now OUT of our home, and we’re enjoying a house with much less clutter!

We still have several rooms and closets to go. Follow this series here.


Selling to California – An Update on Our De-Cluttering Project

In case you missed my first post in this series, our family is using the desire of taking a debt-free family vacation to California to motivate us to de-clutter our home and prepare for a large garage sale this spring.

Yesterday I tackled all of the children’s clothing – as in, I handled every last piece of clothing in their drawers, closets, and in storage! Here is the fruit of my labor – eight bags of clothing we no longer need, set aside for our garage sale. YEAH – another project completed with neat drawers, closets, and properly-labeled boxes of off-season clothing left behind!

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Selling to California: Our Debt-Free Family Vacation in 2012!


It’s been almost six years since I’ve seen my Grandma. She’s 89 and lives in the desert of California. She has never met our sons. We’ve decided that this is the year that we’re finally going to make the long trek to California to see Grandma! We can’t wait!

Here’s the deal:

This trip is not going on the credit card or coming out of our savings account. We intend to sell our way to California, and by doing so, we’ll accomplish one of our goals for 2012, which is to downsize, de-junk, and simplify our life by getting rid of things we no longer want or need.

We need three plane tickets (our little guy still rides for free), a hotel, rental car, gas, food, and a little for entertainment. I’ll be deal hunting to keep our costs as low as possible. The entire trip should cost us about $2000. We are hoping to go in late April or early May before school gets out (and before the desert gets too hot!). This gives us 4-5 months to sell and save.

My goal is to post once a week, or as often as possible, to keep you updated on our progress. It will motivate me to keep selling and saving, and hopefully it will encourage you have your own debt-free vacation in the near future!

One Super Easy Home Organization Tip

I need all the help I can get in keeping my house picked up and not looking cluttered. Having two little kiddos makes this an extra-special challenge!

My absolute favorite mantra in relation to keeping the house picked up is:


If you take it out, put it back.


  • If you take out an ingredient while baking, put it right back.
  • If you take out a book to read, put it back when you’re done.
  • If you take out a box of cereal, put it back!
  • Teach the kids: If you use a toy, put it back before getting out another one.
  • And so on…


This one tip makes a HUGE difference. Give it a try!


Calling All Readers: Make-It-Yourself Ideas Needed!

I’m working on a fun surprise over here at Simply Frugal Living, and I need your help! If you have a recipe for homemade laundry soap, a household cleaner, toothpaste, baby products, or any other make-it-yourself solution that helps you save money or eliminate dangerous chemicals from your home, I want to hear from you!

I’m particularly interested in make-it-yourself solutions that are easy to make, cost-effective, and practical for everyday use!

Please leave a comment or drop me a note at andria (at) simply frugal living (dot) com.

Thank you!


Organization Solution for a Deep Bathroom Closet


My mom sent me these photos of her bathroom closet.  It’s always been a challenge to manage because of the depth of the shelves.  See this four-second video of the before look here.

My mom discovered the perfect solution: deep plastic organizers.  Now you can pull the drawers out to see exactly what is in the back, and it’s so much easier to maintain the organization of the closet.


Thanks, Mom!


Have a home organization project or idea post you’d like to share?  Leave a comment below!





Three Easy Home Organization Projects

(Originally posted on my other site: Joyful Journeys.)


Home Organization Project #1

Okay folks, I’m getting started on one of my New Year’s goals: streamlining and getting our home more organized.  Here is my first project (and it was lots of fun!):

This is an over-the-door shoe organizer that now holds all the misc. items hanging around my kitchen, plus Joel’s little school items.  My mom passed this idea on to me from Better Homes and Gardens, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.  I think I will probably end up with more than one of these around the house.


Home Organization Project #2

We were in Big Lots picking something up today and I saw this shoe organizer for $3. (I know…what is it with me and shoe organizers?)  Anyway, I previously had all of our winter hats and gloves in a bag in the coat closet.  Whenever we needed something I would have to go digging.  Now each of us has a slot for hats and another for gloves, and there is even a spare slot at the bottom for my slippers!  Now we can quickly and easily grab what we need and it doesn’t take up very much space in the closet.


Home Organization Project #3–A Solution to the Paper Problem!

It seems as though I am constantly waging war against a monster in our home: the PAPER monster.  I have a very nice filing cabinet, and I try to deal with the mail as it comes in, but I still have stacks that pile up in my kitchen and office. It seems that there is a never-ending pile that needs attention before it can be filed away.  Thanks to a little file organizer I actually already owned and some file folders and labels, I’m feeling much better equipped to deal with my paper monster.


Take a look at the before and after pictures of yesterday and today’s project:  (Yes, I did actually deal with all the papers!)



My file labels are as follows:
My blog
To be filed
Rewards cards and gift cards
Insurance pending
Need to read

The little tags say:
Today’s mail
Outgoing mail
Checks to deposit


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