My #ALDI picks of the week

My nearest ALDI is over an hour away, but I try to get there at least once a month to stock up on my favs- including a bunch a produce.

I spent $151.19 including tax on my most recent trip for 89 items- averaging $1.69 per item. Not bad when you consider I bought some “pricey” items like diapers and olive oil! Here are just a few of my favorites from my most recent trip:


ALDI’s gluten free line is awesome. The price for this GF pasta is only $1.25. AMAZING!!



ALDI’s organic line is also incredible. The price for this organic chicken broth is only $1.79!


Organic ALDI

Just a few more regularly-priced items that beat sale prices almost anywhere else:

string cheese- $2.79

cream of celery soup- $.059

12 dbl roll bath tissue- $4.99

refrigerated tortellini- $1.99

great northern beans- $0.59

extra virgin olive oil- $3.29

12 qt. drink mix packets (lemonade) $0.99

organic agave – $2.49

honey crunch oats cereal- $1.79

box of graham crackers- $1.39

35 calorie whole wheat break loaf- $1.29

24-pack purified water- $2.29


I could go on..



I NEED ALDI to come to Montgomery so I can save like this every week! 😉






Today’s Organic Finds at the Farmer’s Market- Spent $25

farmer's market 7-15-14


I’ve been shopping for produce at the Farmer’s Market frequently since we began our journey toward a more organic diet. I made a quick stop at the Montgomery Curb Market today after swim lessons and scored everything you see for $25. My favorite finds were the avocados for $1, the red peppers for $1 each (wow!), and the blueberries for $3.

Thanks to the Montgomery Curb market, our family is able to eat {mostly} organic produce for $25-$35 a week. A fraction of what we would pay at the store. Love it!

Did you see my post: 5 Tips for Scoring at the Farmer’s Market?




5 Tips for Scoring at the Farmer’s Market


Pictured below is my haul from the trip my boys and I made to the Montgomery Curb Market yesterday morning. I spent a total of $25 for everything pictured- not bad when you consider that this is organic produce! My favorite bargain was the large bowl of blueberries- only $5! Peaches are in season and are sweeeet as can be, as is that huge watermelon!


farmers market produce


I’ve been shopping for produce at the Farmer’s Market frequently since we began our journey toward a more organic diet. I also love to score produce deals at Aldi, but my nearest store is an hour and a half away and I can’t get there more than once a month. Hence the Farmer’s Market has become my favorite place in town to snag a great deal on produce. (Thanks for the lead, Evelyn!)

Most areas should have a farmer’s market at this time of year. Here’s a farmer’s market directory to help you find one near you!


Here are five simple tips for shopping at farmer’s markets {from my experience}:

1. Shop early.

The Montgomery Curb Market is open 5 a.m. to 2 p.m. As you might imagine, the best selection is available early in the morning. One afternoon I slipped in right before closing and found most of what I needed, but the selection was no where near as good as it is when I go earlier in the morning. The Farmer’s Market is a busy place!


2. Shop with a list and bring cash

I have only noticed one table out of about 25 that takes debit cards. Be prepared with cash. And be sure to bring a list of items you need for this week’s menu. Let your list guide your purchases. Everything is so fresh and tempting… 🙂


3. Scout out all the tables prior to making a purchase and don’t feel pressured to buy

Although the prices are comparable from table to table for the most part, a $10 watermelon at one table might be $6 at another table (for the same size). Resist the urge to buy right in the door. Walk around; scout out the tables; ask for prices when they aren’t listed.


4. Ask questions

Last week I was looking for lettuce and couldn’t find any to save my life. I finally asked one of the vendors who pointed me to a table where only two heads of lettuce remained. Score!


5. Enjoy the experience!

I have had so much fun talking with the farmers. I’ve learned a ton even in just a few conversations. It’s a neat trip with the kids. They might even get a free sample like we did yesterday. Watermelon…yum!


Have you been to your local farmer’s market yet this year? What do you like about it?



Organic Finds at the Farmer’s Market


On Saturday I ventured over to my local Farmer’s Market for the first time. What a fun experience! I enjoyed talking with the farmers, learning, scoring some great deals on naturally grown produce. I purchased all the veggies you see in this picture for only $30. Not bad compared to the prices I would pay in-store for organically grown produce! We’re enjoying these delicious, fresh veggies…

Yesterday I made a huge pot of minestrone soup and kept it organic by using a large can of organic tomatoes from Aldi. Yum! Can’t wait to use the rest of these veggies in my menu this week!



Organic Journey: Aldi Trip Report!

As I’ve been mentioning lately, my husband and I have recently come to the decision that we need to begin to integrate more organic foods into our diet. As of now, I am only attempting to replace about 25% of our conventional diet with organic foods. I’m mainly focusing on fruits, vegetables and meats, and I’m not worrying about any produce that is on the clean 15 list. This goal isn’t too difficult to achieve, and I’m enjoying the deal hunting!

Aldi has recently introduced a new line of organic food called Simply Nature, and it is fabulous! Both the price and the taste of the products in this line are unbeatable! I wish we had an Aldi near us in Montgomery, AL. For now I have to hike up to Birmingham every so often, but it’s worth it!

Aldi trip, aldi organic

 Here is a sample of organic items I purchased on my last trip:

  • organic baby spinach- $1.99 per container
  • organic baby carrots- $1.19
  • organic bananas- $1.38
  • organic toasted oats- $1.99 (incredible price!!)
  • natural shredded wheat- $1.99
  • organic black beans- $0.89 (!!)
  • natural multi-grain chips- $1.69
  • natural fruit snacks (large box!)- $3.69

Total: $19.68 for everything in the picture

Now that I’ve been shopping around for organic food, I am even more impressed by Aldi’s Simply Nature line of natural and organic items. Can’t wait for my next trip!

Note: Keep a look out for organic produce and meat whenever you visit Aldi. A friend recently reported to me that she scored an amazing deal on organic, grass-fed beef for only $5.99 a pound!

Check out just a few of the amazing products and prices currently available in Aldi’s Simply Nature line:

Simply Nature

Read all the posts in my Organic Journey thread here.


Organic Journey: Earth Fare Coupon Trip

In light of our recent decision to introduce more organic foods into our diet, I decided to give my local Earth Fare a try. I went online to see what coupon options were available, and happily I found that they offer coupons online, a $7 off of $30 digital coupon when you sign up for their emails, plus five coupons for $1 items came in my first email!

Armed with some of these coupons I did a small test trip. Here’s the picture and totals:
EarthFare trip1

Worth: $37.25

Spent: $21.02

Apples are on the dirty dozen list, and my boys eat tons of them, so this is my first time giving organic apples a try. WOW- they are delicious! Expensive, but so much better for us.

I was pleased to see that organic eggs were on sale for only $2.27- less than regular eggs at Publix!

The pineapple was $2.97, and it’s not organic, but that’s okay because it is on the clean 15 list. 🙂

As I mentioned in my first post, we’re not switching to organic overnight. But I’m trying to introduce more organic foods to our diet as we can afford it. My plan right now is to just grab the loss leaders each week from Earth Fare and Fresh Market (and maybe Publix). I’ll keep reporting how it goes!



The Start of our Family’s Organic Journey

My husband and I have recently come to the decision that we need to begin to integrate more organic foods into our diet. I have wanted to do this for years but was frankly scared to death by the thought of the expense. In my quest for the best deals, I usually blow right past the organic section because I just can’t bear to spend more than I already do on meat and produce (let alone canned or dry goods!).

My husband recently read an article that talked about the possible link between MSG consumption and autism. I was shocked! Here is a snippet from the article:

“…Reid said, the chemical (MSG) is in nearly every processed food imaginable, but it only appears on food labels as MSG about 1 percent of the time. Instead, MSG is sometimes labeled as flavor or flavoring, soy protein, barley malt, pectin, corn starch or yeast extract, Reid said.

“We’re getting an abundance of MSG,” she said. “It’s in 95 percent of processed food. And we don’t need it in our diet – ever.”

While there is no science to back up many of her claims, Reid said the most convincing evidence to her is the results she saw in her daughter. At age 7, Brooke is completely cured, Reid said. And from all outward appearances that seems to be true.”


Maybe it is worth it to investigate this whole organic thing a little more…?

If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I am a deal hunter, that I love to score big with coupons, and that I am all about frugal living. Is there any chance that I can begin to incorporate organic food into family’s diet without completely breaking the bank?

I think so.

I’ve been experimenting a little the last couple of days, and I plan to share my findings here with the hopes of motivating you to consider joining me in our family’s organic experiment/journey. We will not be making a 100% switch to organic today, but it is my goal to serve at least 25% more organic food to my family each week, and then add more as we can.

I’ve already had two successful shopping trips. I scored some great deals that I’ll share with you today or tomorrow….

Stay tuned!!



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