Cutting Utility Costs


I don’t know about you, but utility bills tend to frustrate me more than almost any other bill.  We are constantly looking for ways to cut our utility bills.  A while ago I did some research on the websites of our three utility companies and learned the following tried-and-true principles for lowering  utility bills.

100+ Ways to Cut your Energy Bill

Okay folks, we actually saved $60 on our electric bill this month!  Woo-hoo!!!


Gas Bill

  • Every degree you lower your thermostat represents savings. If you usually keep your thermostat at 70° and lower it to a constant 68°, you will save 2% of your heating costs.
  • Don’t move your thermostat setting more than 10°. Turning the thermostat up and down causes your heating system to work harder and increases your bill.
  • Position the thermostat away from windows, doors and possible drafts.
  • Open your curtains and shades during the day. Use the warmth of the sun to help heat your home.
  • Keep doors and windows tightly closed during cold weather.
  • Install storm windows and doors, or cover windows with plastic. Fill in any space where cold air can leak into your home.
  • Close in unused fireplaces. Put a glass front or screen over the opening.
  • Close off unused rooms. Rooms that are not being used do not need to be heated. Shut the door and place a folded towel across the bottom of the door. Make sure to block off any cold air returns in rooms not heated.
  • Dress warmly, layer your clothing.
  • All faucets should be turned off tightly.

What causes high gas bills?

High bills can be caused by increased natural gas usage in your home. Ask yourself the following questions to begin to pinpoint the cause of escalating gas usage in your home.

  • Are all of my appliances working correctly? Are any of my faucets leaking hot water?
  • Is my home well insulated, and are my windows sealed?
  • Have I recently changed my natural gas equipment, or added new gas logs or a gas grill?
  • Are there more people living in my home that may be causing me to use extra hot water for showers or laundry?
  • Have I changed the way I’m setting my thermostat? Am I keeping my home warmer?
  • Is my home being remodeled? Sometimes workers leave doors and windows open, or use more heat to dry plaster, drywall or minimize paint fumes.
  • Have I recently put an addition on my home?


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