Rite Aid 101

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There are usually multiple ways to save at any store; you just need to know what savings or rewards programs your store offers. Here is a brief overview of the savings programs available at Rite Aid.

Coupon Lingo Reminder:

MFR: Manufacturer

Q: Coupon

SCR: Rite Aid’s Single Check Rebate (monthly rebates program)

UPR: Rite Aid’s +UP Rewards program (good toward next purchase)

OOP: Out of pocket

S: Smart Source Coupon Circular

RP: Red Plum Coupon Circular

WYB: When you buy

For each item you purchase, Rite Aid will accept the following coupons/ promotions:

  • MRF Q. and Rite Aid store Q.
  • MRF Q. and Single Check Rebate item,
  • MFR Q. and +UP Rewards item
  • MFR Q. and Video Values coupon (another type of Rite Aid store coupon

Note: Q.’s cannot be doubled at Rite Aid.


Single Check Rebate Program

The use of Rite Aid’s Wellness Card (store loyalty card) is not required for this savings program.
In brief, Rite Aid periodically publishes a booklet of all their SCR items for that period.  You cannot earn SCR’s on every item in the booklet throughout the entire SCR period.  SCR’s are usually available for each item during a specific time frame: usually about one week.
When purchasing a SCR item, you pay the full price of the item (minus any MRF Q’s you use), but you save your receipt and enter the information from it here each month. At the end of the month, you can request your check from Rite Aid and it will arrive in 2-3 weeks. Please note that you may only request ONE check per month, so wait until the end of the month and make sure you have entered all your receipts from that month.
Note: You may only receive one SCR per item. For instance, if there is a $3 SCR available for a bag of Huggies diapers, you can only get $3 back, regardless of how many bags you buy.
Read more about it here.


+UP Rewards Program

The Rite Aid Wellness Card is required for this savings program.
UPR’s are register receipt rewards that you earn when you purchase items specially marked with the UPR label. You can use these rewards on your next purchase like cash–there is no limit to the number of UPR’s you can use on a transaction. Be aware that UPR’s expire within a certain number of days. I often turn around and use them to buy additional items while I am still in the store.
Read more about the UPR program here.


Video Values

Watch a 15-30 second video promoting a product and get great Q’s in exchange ($5 off $25 store Q’s included–my absolute FAVORITES!) Check it out here.

I will demonstrate these store savings programs with the following scenario example:

Desitin, $2.99
$2 UPR
$1 1/9 S
OOP: $1.99
Final cost with UPR: FREE

Johnson and Johnsons Baby Care products, $2.99
$1 1/9 S
$2 UPR
OOP: $1.99
Final cost with UPR: FREE

Sucrets, $2.99
$1 1/9 S

$2 UPR
OOP: $1.99
Final cost with UPR: FREE

Kleenex Facial Tissue with Lotion, $0.99 (must buy 3)
$1 Video Values Q
$0.50/3 12/13 S
OOP: $1.47 (or $0.49 ea!)

Dove Shampoo, Conditioner or Stylers, $3
$1 1/31 RP (use two coupons if you can)
$2/2 UPR
Final cost with UPR: $2 (or $1 ea!)

Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers, $8.99
$2 UPR
$2.50 Huggies mailer
OOP: $6.49
Submit for SCR: $2
Final cost: $4.49

So, our total would be $26.93.  But then we use our Q’s and that brings the total OOP to $17.93.  We also have $10 in UPR–cash, basically–which brings our final cost to $7.93

It gets even sweeter: if you register for the Wellness Card and SCR program online.  You should get a $5 off $25 Rite Aid Q that you can print and also use on this order, bringing your total OOP to $12.93 (plus tax) and your final cost (with UPR) to…$2.93!

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