Thank you so much for your web site and classes, they are awesome! I was at the class you did at Living Bridge earlier this year. I was always a “stock up on sales” type of person,  but now adding coupons makes a huge difference. Last weekend I was able to get a TON of groceries, including 6 bags of food to donate to the food cupboard, at Giant Eagle and ended up saving 50% on the overall bill!


Thank you so much for the wonderful class at Northland Library last week – you have inspired me to save money and feed my family for a lot cheaper than the $1000 a month we were spending.  I recent quit my part time position since I had my third child in March and money is tight.  Please keep up the good work and know that your work is really making a difference.  Thanks again!
-Allison, Wexford, PA

I just wanted to let you know that I attended your free coupon class at the Richland Youth Foundation, Living Bridge Church last month. I have learned a lot and am still learning, but wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you do for all of us out there. I have always tried to be a careful shopper, but it is always nice to learn something new. Your website is just about the best that I have seen. I really like how it is designed and easy to look at. I don’t like the ones that are so cluttered and distracting. I have since put together a binder and purchased divided card holders for it. I have my sister and friend on board and they have put together binders, as well. I really like that you can see what coupon you have by just opening a page. Keep up the good work and thank you again.



I religiously read your emails and while I have not been able to do $50 a week in groceries, I have gone from $1,000 a month down to $700 and I just started clipping/couponing for about a month.  Thank you for everything.  You don’t know how much you are helping our family!
-Allison, Northland Library meeting participant


I am super happy! I just got back from giant eagle and instead of leaving with that sick feeling in my stomach that usually happens I feel excited and pleased! Thank you so much for inspiring me. I managed to leave the store spending 24.20 on something that should have cost 54.46 on a day without sales or coupons. And I got 4 dollars in register rewards! I have more shopping to do at other stores but I definitely don’t feel like my normal “I got ripped off “self. I actually could have gotten some other good deals there but unfortunately have a tight budget to stick to that doesn’t include those products.


I attended your class at Northmont on 6/4/11 and it was very informative. Thank you so much for the wealth of information that you shared with us at the class.
-Cathie, Pittsburgh


It was great to be in your class last night. Thanks for all the tips and information… So very useful! I’m determined to surprise my husband with this months’ grocery bills:) and I would definitely follow your footsteps.Thanks again for sharing your experience.

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