Can I get a free phone from US Cellular?

Are US Cellular phones really free?

U.S. Cellular’s BIGGER than BIG Deal Comes with FREE Phone PLUS Trade-in Credit. … For a limited time, U.S. Cellular is offering new Unlimited Plus plan customers the latest phones FREE – including the Samsung Galaxy S10e and iPhone XR – AND a guaranteed $200 for a qualified trade-in.

How can I get new phone for free?

1. Lifeline Support. Lifeline Support is a government-funded program that helps to reduce the cost of cell phones for people who qualify. If you qualify, you’ll receive a subsidy of at least $9.25 each month toward your cell phone bill and a free Android smartphone to use.

Does US Cellular offer lifeline?

The Lifeline Calling Plans/Lifeline discounts are available to residents in states where UScellular TM is an eligible telecommunications carrier. … Eligibility to receive Lifeline discounts will be verified annually.

Why is US Cellular so bad?

The bad: U.S. Cellular only has 10.27% coverage on their primary network. They don’t have any unlimited data plan options and their data slows to 2G speeds when you reach your limit. Their plans are relatively expensive considering you don’t receive any perks like a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, or HBO.

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Who has the worst cell phone coverage?

This Cellphone Carrier Has the Worst Network Quality, Customers…

  • T-Mobile: 863 out of 1,000 points.
  • Verizon: 838.
  • AT&T: 837.
  • Sprint: 808.

What carrier is offering free phones?

Free cell phones are readily available through leading mobile carriers like Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and AT&T when consumers choose one of their select wireless phone plans.

How can I get a free phone without paying?

You have probably heard of some hack for Android devices that will magically avail free internet to users.

With the options below, you can get a free or extremely cheap cell phone plan that does not damage your device.

  1. FreedomPop Basic Plan. …
  2. Cell Nuvo. …
  3. FreeUp Mobile. …
  4. Sprint Unlimited Free One Year Plan. …
  5. Q-Link Wireless.

How do I get a free Obama phone?

Contact us at 877-247-7799 for more information regarding a free cell phone in California or to apply now! Head Start Income Eligible (Tribal Only) Proof or participation or household income is required to get service. In order to maintain your LifeLine Service, you must verify your enrollment information annually.

Does US Cellular have senior discounts?

No, US Cellular doesn’t offer discounts for seniors.

How many phone lines can you have with US Cellular?

Get set up online for fewer than 15 lines.

Is US Cellular unlimited data really unlimited?

Only pay for the data you use.

Only U.S. Cellular gives you unlimited data when you need it and money back when you don’t. It’s the best way to get the most value for your data usage.

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Why is US Cellular so expensive?

Why are American mobile phone plans so expensive? – Quora. The simple reasons are competition and regulation. The simple reasons are competition and regulation.

Who bought out US Cellular?

Sprint buys US Cellular spectrum and half a million Midwest customers for $480 million.

Is US Cellular a good phone service?

So long as a user is living within the coverage area, U.S. Cellular makes a fine choice for most cell phone needs. The company has average plans, excellent clarity in its calls and top-notch customer service.

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