Do BMW salesmen get discounts?

Generally the discount that can be availed by the employees is usually 8-15% on ex-showroom price. To be very precise about BMW is a bit difficult but they get extra perks such as discounts of accessories or parts.

How much commission does a BMW car salesman make?

The salesman gets a percentage of the gross profit, usually about 20% so if you offer $800.00 over invoice, he will only net $160.00 for his efforts. Most of the salesmen in the dealership sell between 7 and 15 vehicles per month so if they were all deals like yours, well would that kind of income work for you?

Do BMW dealerships negotiate?

If a dealership has not met its monthly goal, it will be more desperate to make a deal. The same applies to any sales person too. When you are planning to buy a new BMW, start negotiating in the second half of each month will be more efficient.

How much of a discount do car salesmen get?

Yes they do. Depending on the manufacturer, it can range from 1% to 3% below invoice. With some manufacturers, it’s almost as good as for the employees of car makers. Dealership employees may also get discounts on used cars, but that’s the sole discretion of the dealer.

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Do you get a free car if you work for BMW?

The amount paid is much lower for them and all maintenance is covered by BMW. However they only get a choice of what is available to them and the lease car is kept for a year at a time. Supervisors get a free lease car and can also get another, paid, lease car for a family member. No, not generally.

Do luxury car salesmen make more?

Cambridge, MA beats the national average by $12,005 (18.4%), and Sunnyvale, CA furthers that trend with another $17,161 (26.4%) above the $65,128 average.

What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Luxury Car Sales Jobs.

City Sunnyvale, CA
Annual Salary $82,290
Monthly Pay $6,857
Weekly Pay $1,582
Hourly Wage $39.56

How much can I make selling BMWS?

BMW Sales Consultant Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $95,500 $46
75th Percentile $65,000 $31
Average $54,066 $26
25th Percentile $31,500 $15

Is BMW approved worth it?

Re: BMW approved used – worth it? On nearly new cars, no, not worth it. They’re all covered by the original 3 year warranty anyway – assuming correct servicing. Once you’re getting towards (or over) the 3 year barrier, yes, I think it can be a sensible move.

How much discount does BMW give?

BMW’s most affordable SUV X1 is being offered with a flat cash discount of Rs 8 lakh that makes the deal sweeter.

BMW model name Cash discount Additional corporate discount
BMW X1 Rs 8 lakh Rs 75,000
BMW X3 Rs 7 lakh
BMW 3-series GT Rs 10 lakh Rs 1 lakh
BMW 5-series Rs 8.50 lakh (petrol) Rs 1.5 lakh
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Why you should never pay cash for a car?

If you put a big chunk of your savings into the purchase of a car, that’s money that’s not going into a savings account, money market or other investment tools that could be earning you interest. … The second con to paying cash for a car is the possibility of depleting your emergency fund.

Can a car salesman make six figures?

Theoretically, the sky’s the limit. If you can sell 20 or 25 cars a month, and “hold gross” (make a big profit) on each of them, you can make more than six figures annually. … Most salespeople do not sell 25 cars per month, and holding gross on a new cars is virtually impossible these days.

How do you haggle a car price?

12 Tips for Negotiating With a Car Dealer

  1. 1) Knowledge Is Power.
  2. 2) Remember It Is a Business Transaction.
  3. 3) Don’t Focus on the Payment.
  4. 4) Know the Deals.
  5. 5) Think About Financing Early.
  6. 6) Separate the Trade-In.
  7. 7) Negotiate the Price First.
  8. 8) Timing Is Your Key to Savings.


Is working at BMW good?

If you don’t want to move to Germany, BMW Group in the U.S. is ranked the best job for you too. According to Forbes Magazine, BMW is the company with the most satisfied employees. From a study published in March, “America’s Best Employers”, 500 U.S.-based companies were rated by more than 20,000 workers.

How much does a BMW employee make?

BMW employees earn $50,000 annually on average, or $24 per hour, which is 28% lower than the national salary average of $66,000 per year. According to our data, the highest paying job at BMW is a Finance Director at $165,000 annually while the lowest paying job at BMW is a Shuttle Driver at $17,000 annually.

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What are the benefits of working at BMW?

Our comprehensive program includes:

  • Medical, Dental, Prescription and Vision coverage.
  • Paid time off.
  • 401(k) plan with company matching contribution.
  • Retirement Income Account.
  • Life Insurance.
  • BMW Associates Assistance Program.
  • Medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA & HSA)
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