Do police officers get free travel?

Do police officers get free train travel?

Police Community Support Officers (except for BTP PCSOs based outside London) can travel for free, but ONLY when on duty AND in uniform, upon production of their police staff cards. … Check with National Rail and local Train Operating Companies for the latest travel entitlements for Police.

Do police get free travel UK?

The police officer’s valid Warrant Card is evidence of entitlement to free travel. Police officers are not required to purchase a ticket for travel wholly within the designated concession area. On the West Midlands Network this refers to travel between London Euston and Northampton only.

Do police get discount on trains?

The Rail Travel Concession allows regular serving police officers travel on National Rail services within an agreed area for a small monthly cost. This is a taxable benefit that the MPS negotiates and pays for. Consequently, those who use this benefit must meet the tax liability on their personal use.

Do police get free travel London?

Currently Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) in the MPS receive free travel on TfL services and there is no payment to TfL for this provision. … Police Officers may travel free providing they produce a Warrant Card. PCSO’s must be in uniform and produce their staff identification card.

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Do police get discount at McDonalds?

There is no formal arrangement for discounted services with McDonalds. There is no formal arrangement with McDonalds so there is no effect on the work of police officers.

Do the police still have special constables?

Nowadays, they have a much closer relationship with the regular police and are a supplement to understaffed police forces. A sizeable proportion of regular officers have served as special constables before joining the regular force, which is encouraged by recruitment departments.

What happens if my Oyster card breaks?

A damaged card could be cracked, scratched or bent. We will transfer any pay as you go credit or ticket to your replacement photocard. If we can’t transfer your credit or ticket, we might refund you instead. While you are waiting for the replacement card to arrive, you will need to pay for your travel.

What does a warrant card look like?

Warrant cards generally include a photograph of the holder as well as the holder’s name, rank, warrant number and a holographic emblem to mark authenticity.

What’s the difference between PCSO and special constable?

What is the difference between a Special and a PCSO? PCSOs provide a neighbourhood police presence and play a key role in helping to find solutions to community issues like anti-social behaviour. Specials Constables are volunteers who have exactly the same powers as police officers.

How can I get train discounts?

How to get cheap train tickets

  1. Get a Railcard or 16-17 Saver. With a Railcard you can get 1/3 off the price of most train fares. …
  2. Book advanced fares. …
  3. Buy a Season Ticket. …
  4. Use a fare finder. …
  5. Avoid booking fees. …
  6. Smart ticketing. …
  7. Refunds. …
  8. Cheap First Class tickets.
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Can my carers travel free on trains?

Carers/personal assistants do not travel free on trains. If you are entitled to a disabled railcard or one of these discounts, then a person travelling with you is entitled to the same discount.

Does Blue Light Card work on train tickets?

Railcards offer value for money if you travel by train, saving you at least 1/3 on most rail fares. You must carry your Railcard with you at all times during the journey in order to qualify for the discount.

How long is met police training?

Answer for Training at Hendon

The foundation training course is 13 weeks of continual assessment and exams focusing on Prevention, Investigation & Safeguarding, underpinned by Professional Standards, Values and Ethics. This is followed by 5 week coached patrol module on borough.

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