Do Royal Caribbean do NHS discount?

What is complimentary on Royal Caribbean?

All Royal Caribbean cruise fares include most meals and snacks onboard your ship, and any private destination you visit (such as Labadee or CocoCay). This means there will be ample opportunity to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks inbetween without additional cost.

Do nurses get discounts on cruises?

Cruise Line Offering Up to 50% Off Cruises for Healthcare Professionals and Families.

Does Royal Caribbean offer a senior discount?

We offer reduced senior prices only on selected sailings exclusively for guests who are 55 years of age and older. We also offer special rates for police and firefighters on select ships and sailings. We do offer special rates on selected sailings for military personnel.

What is the military discount for Royal Caribbean?

Through Royal Caribbean’s Military Discounts program, active U.S. military personnel can book one stateroom at savings of up to 50 percent off published fares. Special rates are available for a limited time only on a wide variety of Royal Caribbean departures.

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Can you wear jeans to dinner on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

For casual nights, Royal suggests “jeans, polos, sundresses and blouses” but asks guests to “keep swimwear to the Pool Deck.” Shorts and tanks will be accepted for breakfast and lunch, but not in the main dining room at dinner. …

Is bottled water free on Royal Caribbean?

Drinking the water

If you prefer not to drink tap water, there is bottled water available for purchase or included in a Royal Caribbean drink package.

Do healthcare workers get a discount on cruises?

The healthcare worker is required to be part of the reservation and must sail in order for the discount to be applied. … The healthcare professional must be personally travelling on each booked cruise to receive the discount.

How do you get a discount on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

The best strategy for getting the lowest price on a Royal Caribbean cruise is to book your cruise as early as you can. Royal Caribbean’s prices tend to go up over time, as more and more guests book up rooms. As a result, we find the lowest prices tend to be offered early, especially for shorter sailings.

Which cruise ship has best food?

Which cruise lines have the best food?

  • Disney Cruise Line — 4.53 / 5.
  • Celebrity Cruises — 4.43 / 5.
  • Royal Caribbean — 4.26 / 5.
  • Holland America — 4.22 / 5.
  • Carnival Cruise Line — 4.13 / 5.
  • Princess Cruises — 4.10 / 5.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line — 3.97 / 5.

Are free cruises really free?

“The biggest takeaway is that there is no such thing as a ‘free’ cruise and anyone who sees a ‘free’ cruise offer in their mailbox should just throw it away immediately and problem solved,” said Christopher Elliott, a consumer advocacy expert who has helped travelers with “free” travel schemes.

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Which cruise line gives the best military discount?

Wondering which cruise lines offer the best military discounts? Here are 8 cruise lines to check out.

  • Carnival. Military travelers on Carnival can snag a discount of $25 to $250 (up to 20% off) per person over regular rates. …
  • Royal Caribbean International. …
  • MSC. …
  • Disney. …
  • Norwegian & Holland America. …
  • Princess. …
  • Celebrity Cruises.


How much is military discount on cruises?

What: MSC Cruises offers active and retired military personnel up to 10 percent off almost all sailings. Specifically, a 5 percent military cruise discount is offered on interior and ocean-view cabins, while 10 percent is given on balcony, suite and MSC Yacht Club staterooms.

Do kids pay full price on Royal Caribbean?

Is it really free? Assuming your kids qualify for the deal, their cruise fare cost will be zero. You are still responsible for paying for the taxes and port fees associated with the children, along with any other charges onboard.

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