Do Silk Fred do discounts?

Think of it as a last chance to buy full of our style picks just with an amazing discount. There’s hundreds of styles with a SilkFred discount of 50% (or more!) that are just begging to be added to your basket, no promo code needed.

Do SilkFred do NHS discount?

Does SilkFred do NHS Discount? Yes, NHS Workers can enjoy SilkFred NHS Discount when checking out in SilkFred.

Does SilkFred do Black Friday?

Like all good things, our Black Friday sale has come to an end, but we’re not packing away the prosecco just yet. You don’t have to wait until Black Friday 2022, shop 50% off dresses, jumpsuits & tops from our outlet below.

Does SilkFred blue light discount?

The answer is YES!

Does SilkFred have a shop?

SilkFred is an online platform only, we don’t have a shop.

Who delivers for Silkfred?

Our independent brands use various different couriers, however standard UK delivery is usually sent via Royal Mail.

Is SilkFred from China?

SilkFred receives goods and services primarily from the United Kingdom, USA, Turkey, Italy, India, Poland, Romania, Portugal and China. When selecting suppliers, we consider and scrutinise the reputation and integrity of the companies before deciding whether we want to work with them.

What is SilkFred Sizing like?

Lauren, whose boyfriend Joey Morrison is serving time in prison, pointed out that the SilkFred dress is a ‘medium’, which in their sizing, is a 10-12.

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Who owns silk Fred?

Emma Watkinson, co-founder of SilkFred. Meet the co-founder of online fashion platform, and Elevator Pitch alumni, SilkFred. In one sentence, what does your company do? SilkFred is an online marketplace for independent brands and we specialise in unique designer fashion at high street prices.

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