Do teachers get 20% off at Staples?

Staples teacher discount. Staples is offering a 20% teacher discount now through Sept. 30 to teachers and school administrators who participate in Classroom Rewards, a new program on the chain’s Staples Connect app.

Does Staples give a teacher discount?

Does Staples Have a Teacher Discount? Yes, Staples has a Classroom Rewards Program! When parents shop at Staples online or in-store they earn teachers rewards. Teachers can earn 2% back in rewards for their purchases and 5% back in rewards on their Copy and Print classroom needs.

Do teachers get money for supplies?

Public school teachers having to pay for classroom resources for their students: 83% of teachers spend their own money on supplies at an average of $874 per year.

Do teachers get discounts on computers?

Office Depot and Office Max Teacher Discount – up to 20% off

You can put your discount towards computers and software but also other classroom areas of need like furniture, professional development, and much more.

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How do I get my teacher discount at Staples?

When Do Teachers Receive Their Classroom Rewards?

  1. Visit, select “Add a Receipt” in the “Parent section”.
  2. Select the teacher you would like to support.
  3. Enter your Staples receipt information and submit.

Is there a teacher discount at Best Buy?

Best Buy doesn’t formally offer teacher discounts or rewards programs, but a number of trusted sources report price matching for teachers on manufacturer’s coupons, including products from the Apple education site. If you find a price lower than what’s offered at Best Buy, call to see if your local store will honor it.

Why do teachers pay for their own supplies?

For public school educators, shelling out hundreds of dollars of their own money is a long-standing back-to-school ritual. Spending their own money on school supplies is for teachers as integral a back-to-school ritual as classroom seating arrangements, new lesson plans, meeting parents, etc.

How much do teachers spend out of pocket?

1: California teachers spent an average of $866 of their own money on classroom supplies. Despite having one of the highest teacher salaries in the nation, California public school teachers still routinely find themselves paying for basic school supplies.

Did you spend your own money as a teacher in 2020?

The survey found that during the 2019/2020 school year teachers are spending more than ever before. Teachers spent an average of $745 on school supplies during the 2019/2020 school year. Most teachers spend their own money on distance learning materials. On average, teachers spent $252 this spring.

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What is the best computer for teachers?

Best Desktop Computers For Teachers

  • Apple iMac (27-inch, 2020): Best overall. (Image credit: Apple) Apple iMac (27-inch, 2020) …
  • Acer Aspire C24: Best value option. (Image credit: Acer) …
  • HP Pavilion All-In-One 24 : Best for graphics. (Image credit: HP) …
  • Dell Inspiron 24 5000: Best for security. (Image credit: Dell)


Do teachers get a discount on Chromebooks?

Through 12/21, Google is providing an exclusive opportunity through for public school teachers to request the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook for the heavily discounted price of $99 each, including hardware, management and support.

Can teachers get Windows 10 for free?

Getting Windows 10 Education for free

If you’re a teacher or work at an eligible school or university, you can’t get Windows 10 Education for free, but you might be able to get it for a significant discount. Eligible faculty members can get Windows 10 Education for as little as $15.

Does Home Depot give discounts to teachers?

Does Home Depot Have a Teacher Discount? Yes! If you are an educator making a purchase at Home Depot with school funds you are eligible for a discount! Your Home Depot teacher discount is in available in the form of a tax exemption.

Does Walmart do teacher discounts?

Walmart Teacher Discount Education Discount. Walmart is among the most popular destinations for educators shopping for their classrooms and families. They have a history of providing seasonal discounts to teachers, as well as giving $50 Teacher Rewards Cards to educators of participating schools.

What week is Teacher Appreciation?

The National Parent Teacher Association recognizes the week from May 3-7 this year, but President Joe Biden announced on April 30 that National Teacher Appreciation Week would be from May 2-8, with National Teacher Appreciation Day on May 4.

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