Does Discount Tire allow facial hair?

No, Discount Tire requires you to be clean shaven.

Does Discount Tire allow long hair?

Clean shave, no damage on uniform(no holes on pants), hair length must be short.

Can you have colored hair at Discount Tire?

No employees are not allowed to color hair. Also no visible tattoos or piercings are allowed.

Does Discount Tire hire people with tattoos?

No, If you have tattoos you must cover them up.

What is Discount Tire dresscode?

Applicants should wear business casual attire. Additionally, job hopefuls want to cover tattoos and remove any piercings.

Do Discount Tire employees have to shave?

No, Discount Tire requires you to be clean shaven.

How often does Discount Tire drug test?

8 answers. They preform a drug test prior to being hired. And after that point twice through out the year you will be randomly drug tested, if you fail you will be terminated.

Why do dealers overinflate tires?

The short answer is that when they service and change your oil the tires are generally hot. The PSI in your door is for cold (car has sat overnight). If your tires are hot the pressure will be higher than cold. Thus when they fill the tires they do so to the appropriate “hot” level.

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How do you tell if your tires are nitrogen-filled?

The most common way to determine if your tires have compressed air or nitrogen is by the color of your tires’ valve caps. A nitrogen-filled tire will likely have a green-colored valve cap or include an “N2” emblem. A typical air-filled tire will have the more traditional black or chrome valve cap.

Can I fill my nitrogen tires with regular air?

This is not true. It is FALSE that air cannot be used to top off a tire filled with nitrogen. It is simply not true that air and nitrogen cannot coexist inside a tire. There is no harm in topping off a nitrogen-filled tire with regular air.

Do Discount Tire employees get paid weekly?

Weekly, every Friday.

Does Discount Tire drug test for nicotine?

No they do not test for nicotine.

How do you get a job at Discount Tire?

You just have to try to prove you are a good person and not afraid of a little physical labor. I applied through indeed and about 5 days later got a call for an interview. If hired, you have to pass drug and background check which took about a week. Then you go to training which is 2 weeks.

Does Discount Tire have benefits?

Discount Tire Benefits

Generous employee benefits are an extension of Discount Tire’s culture. In addition to our wide range of available benefits, a dedicated benefits team is available to provide more information and guide the enrollment process if needed.

Does Mavis Discount Tire drug test employees?

They don’t drug test or conduct background checks simply because you have to be high to work there.

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