Does Firestone have law enforcement discount?

Just show your valid civil service or military I.D and receive 10% OFF of your entire purchase on new tires, wheels, auto repairs, wheel alignment, oil changes, tire repairs, etc. This discount cannot be combined with any of our other monthly specials.

Does Firestone do military discount?

What is the Official Firestone Military Discount? Firestone Complete Auto Care offers 10% off as a way to say “thank you” to members of the U.S. military.

Is Firestone a ripoff?

Firestone Complete Auto Care – Firestone is a ripoff. They are not honest and a ripoff. I had bought tires from them with a roadside warranty and lifetime alignment. I hit the pothole from *** and blew a tire out.

Is Firestone a ripoff?

Type of service Price with coupon
Brake Service Rebate $25 per axle

Does Firestone offer senior discounts?

No, Firestone Complete Auto Care does not offer senior discounts.

Does AutoZone give first responder discounts?

People who are registered as first responder members, firefighters, police officers, law enforcement officers, 911 Dispatchers and EMTs / Paramedics are all eligible to enjoy this AutoZone First Responder Discount. … AutoZone has a plan which is offering up to 25% discount for all qualified public safety professionals.

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How many coupons can you use at Firestone?

No, Firestone Complete Auto Care does not allow coupon stacking.

Is a lifetime alignment worth it?

Most of the time, lifetime wheel alignments are a great deal. However, they’re only worth it if you use them. … However, these plans will frequently pay for themselves after only two or three-wheel alignments. If you truly care about the health of your vehicle, you should be utilizing them.

What are the worst tire brands?

10 Worst Tire Brands to Avoid at all Cost in 2021

  • Firestone Destination Tires.
  • Falken Ziex Tires.
  • Carlisle Tires.
  • Low-End General Tires.
  • Westlake Tires.
  • AKS Tires.
  • Goodyear – G159.
  • GeoStar Tires.


Is Firestone good for brakes?

At Firestone Complete Auto Care, we use only use the best brake parts. That’s why we use Qualis rotors and drums when servicing your car brakes.

Is Goodyear better than Firestone?

Cost: Firestone tires are cheaper than Goodyear tires. … They can only stay in excellent condition for three years, whereas Goodyear tires can stay in shape for four years. Performance: Firestone all-season tires often suffer poor traction on wet roads, but Goodyear all-season tires handle wet roads perfectly.

Does Firestone Do AARP discount?

No, Firestone Complete Auto Care does not offer AARP discounts.

What are the top 5 tire brands?

16 Best Tire Brands (Ranked by Auto Enthusiasts)

  • #1 – Michelin. Best Michelin Performance/Summer Tires. …
  • #2 – Continental. Best Continental Performance/Summer Tires. …
  • #3 – Bridgestone. Best Bridgestone Performance/Summer Tires. …
  • #4 – General. …
  • #5 – Firestone. …
  • #6 – Yokohama. …
  • #7 – Goodyear. …
  • #8 – Pirelli.
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How much does a complete vehicle inspection cost at Firestone?

Jul 07, 2008 · Most places were like $75-$100, but then I called Firestone and they only charge $19.99 for a complete vehicle inspection.

Does Jiffy Lube give first responder discount?

Jiffy Lube offers discounts on both the personal vehicles of first responders as well as the service vehicles. … There are a plethora of services that first responders can utilize their 15% discount on to receive savings.

What car companies offer first responder discounts?

What car companies give first responder discounts? All the GM family of car brands offer discounts. That includes Chevy, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac. Ford, Hyundai, Lincoln, and Volkswagen also have discounts.

Does budget give first responder discounts?

Health care workers, First responders and essential workers get discounted Budget car rentals through 12/31/21. Good at participating US corporate locations. Rates can combined with Budget car rental coupons.

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