Does giant have discount Hershey Park tickets?

Come get your discounted Hersheypark tickets at your local GIANT! Save $11 on a regular adult ticket and $2 on junior admission. Plus, receive a free parking voucher when you purchase two adult tickets.

How much are Hersheypark tickets at Giant 2020?

AAA Member Hersheypark Pricing Packages

With your AAA membership discount, Hersheypark’s general admission ticket prices and packages for the 2020 season are as follows: Adult one-day ticket: $60.50 (Regular price $73.95). Adult two-day ticket: $48.60 per day/$97.20 total (Regular price $49.50 per day/$99 total).

Does Hershey Park have senior discount?

No, Hershey Park does not offer senior discounts.

Is it cheaper to buy Hershey Park tickets online?

It’s usually cheaper online, especially if you are visiting for more than one day. You can usually preview the park the night before your full day ticket after dark for free. over a year ago. yes cheaper to buy online and convenient so that you don’t have to wait online.

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How do you get free parking at Hershey Park?

Simply use the free street parking that is available around town deep in the neighborhoods and either walk or ride your bicycle to the Hershey Museum. Watch the street signs because some streets have only 2 hour parking. Behind and to the right of the Hershey Museum you can walk across an enclosed overpass walkway.

What does Hershey Park ticket include?

Any of the shows, concerts or other entertainment that are within the gates of Hersheypark are also included with your regular admission ticket! If your family is big on catching all the shows, it would be worth it to purchase a 2-day ticket so you also have a day to enjoy all the rides.

Can you do Hershey Park in 1 day?

1 day for Hershey Park and 1 day for Hershey Chocolate World is perfect. … The next day get to Hershey Park early and you can get the whole park done. Also If you stay at a Hershey property you get to go into the park an hour early before the crowds.

How much does parking cost at Hershey Park?

What is the parking fee, and what are the transportation options? There is a daily parking fee of $20 per vehicle, and $30 per camper, with no overnight parking. From our parking lots to the Hersheypark entrance, our tram service runs approximately every 15 minutes from Park opening to closing. Tram service may be…

Do you need a reservation for Hershey Park?

To implement recommended state and federal safety guidelines, all guests must reserve a date for their Hersheypark® visit in advance. If you already created a reservation, please look it up using either the confirmation code you received or your email address and a ticket.

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Can you bring food into Hershey Park?

Can I bring my own food ito Hersheypark? Other than one sealed water bottle per person, Hersheypark does not permit food or drink to be brought into the Park.

Is there a AAA discount for Hershey Park?

Hershey, as a leisure park for the employees of the Hershey Chocolate Company, it is wholly and privatelyowned by Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company as of 2016.


Hersheypark 1 day AAA Price Retail Price
Adult (ages 9 – 61) $60.50 $75.80
Junior/Senior (3 – 8 / 62+) $49.50 $53.80

Does Hershey Park give AARP discounts?

No, Hershey Park does not offer AARP discounts.

Is the Hershey Park Zoo free?

How close is the Zoo to Hersheypark? ZooAmerica is attached to Hersheypark via a walkway bridge located in the Kissing Tower Hill℠ area of the Park. The Zoo is free when entered from this location.

Do Hershey Park tickets include chocolate world?

Yes, admission into HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD and Hershey’s Chocolate Tour is FREE. All other attractions within the facility require a ticket. … Typically, Saturdays are the busiest days at HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE WORLD.

What time should I arrive at Hershey Park?

All daily tickets qualify for the “preview plan,” which gives you admission to the park two and a half hours before closing on the night before your visit. Evenings are often the best time to visit the park anyway, since many park guests will have already left for the day.

How much does food cost at Hershey Park?

While meal prices in Hershey can vary, the average cost of food in Hershey is $49 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Hershey should cost around $19 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

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