Does Marriott give AAA discounts?

How do I add AAA to my Bonvoy?

Go to Fill in the ‘Destination’, ‘Dates’, and ‘Room & Guests’ fields [Click here to view Image] Within the ‘Special Rates’ field, select AAA/CAA [Click here to view Image]

How much is a AAA discount for hotels?

Hotel Discounts up to 15% for AAA Members

  • Reserve a hotel room online by booking the AAA member rate.
  • Provide your AAA membership card at check-in.

What discount do Marriott employees get?

All employees receives 50 percent discount on all rooms.

How do I get the best deal at a Marriott hotel?

If you find a lower rate for the same hotel, room type and dates within 24 hours of making your reservation, submit a Best Rate Guarantee claim form. We’ll review the claim, and if approved, we’ll match the rate and give you an additional 25% discount on the room or 5,000 Marriott Bonvoy™ Points…it’s up to you.

Are AAA hotel discounts worth it?

The good news is that when you do find that great AAA discount that beats all the others, it will save you on average 20 percent off the published rate for the hotel. That’s a hefty discount, and the dollar savings often pays for the price of membership if you don’t happen to be one.

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Can AAA help plan a trip?

Need help planning your next trip? Whether you’re dreaming of a solo adventure, romantic getaway, or family trip, a complimentary AAA travel agent can customize a vacation that’s right for you. Travel planning services are a free benefit for AAA Members.

Can you negotiate hotel prices?

Hotels are more willing to negotiate when business is slow. … You can try calling at the last minute or even negotiating in person when you arrive at the hotel, but you may end up not getting a room at all. Regardless of whether you speak with the hotel staff by phone or in person, do it when they’re not busy.

Can I use AAA discount on hotels com?

We don’t offer special discounts for seniors, military, government employees, companies like AAA or AARP, or bereavement travel. You can collect stamps and redeem reward* nights for hotels and vacation rentals when you choose Pay Now, but you can only collect stamps when you choose Pay Later.

Does AAA really save you money?

While the internet has made it extremely easy to find the lowest travel prices available, using a travel agency like AAA can save you time which can be just as valuable as saving money. AAA Travel is best for vacation planning assistance, roadside assistance, and booking select travel purchases at a discount.

What is the Marriott Friends and Family discount?

Get as much as 80% off on your stays and 50% off on F&B, when you book Marriott Friends and Family or employee rates. Marriott offers exclusive discounts and rates for its employees, associates (past and present), their friends and their families.

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What is Marriott MMP rate?

Using the MMP code gives you the Explore Rate on Marriott, where you can get discounted rates for personal leisure travel at participating Marriott hotels and resorts all over the world. Since Starwood and Marriott merged, the family and friend rates have been renamed to the Explore Rate and the Explore Friends Rate.

Do Marriott employees stay for free?

Employees in the Quarter Century Club, as it’s called, also get free rooms at the company’s timeshare properties during the week. “It’s very widely-used,” said Anjuman Nyman, vice president of benefits at Marriott. “This program is a reason a lot of our associates stay at the company once they’ve hit 20 or 21 years.

Where do I enter promo code for Marriott?

First, select your check-in and check-out dates. Then, select the number of rooms as well as guests per room. In the column next to where you enter this information, you will see special rates. From here you can select Corporate/Promotional code and enter your Marriott discount code in the blank text box below.

What is MM4 code for Marriott?

MM4 – employee-only code. This code shows you only the hotels with the discounted employee rates (a flat 15%, no longer the category-linked $39, $49, $55, $59, $69, $79, $89, $94 per night) which apply during peak holiday season only – from around mid November to mid January (northern hemisphere).

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