Does Mcdonald’s give military discounts?

Currently this merchant does not offer an active military discount.

Does McDonalds military discount?

McDonald’s does not have an official military discount, however, some franchise locations may offer a discount at the owner’s discretion. … On November 11, veterans and active duty military personnel can stop by any participating McDonald’s location for a free Extra Value Meal or another select menu item.

What fast food restaurants give military discounts?

Military discounts on food + restaurants

Store Description Military Discount
A&W Fast food 10% off at participating locations.
Applebee’s Restaurant 10% off at participating restaurants.
Arby’s Fast food Varies by participating locations.
Atkins Diet food 15% off every day.

Is McDonald’s giving veterans free meals?

At participating McDonald’s restaurants, veterans will be offered a free meal that includes a sandwich,beverage and french fries or a hash browns. There are special menu choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast, the choices are an Egg McMuffin, Chicken McGriddle or a biscuit with bacon, egg and cheese.

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Is McDonald’s doing anything for Veterans Day 2020?

On Veterans Day, McDonald’s will give either a free breakfast, lunch, or dinner meal to veterans who show a valid ID. The free breakfast options include an Egg McMuffin, Chicken McGriddles, or a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit. Each item comes with a soft drink of any size, tea, or hot coffee, and a hash brown.

Does Wendy’s have a military discount?

Bottom Line. If you are a military member that is sick of the normal fast food joints Wendy’s gives not only a more quality experience but gives a discount of 10% off your order. Don’t worry this discount applies at any time, just be sure to show your military ID to be able to get this awesome discount.

Does Target have a military discount?

Thanks to the Target Military discount, all active and retired military personnel can get an extra discount of 10% on all their Target purchases.

Does Taco Bell give military discounts?

Bottom Line. All military members craving a Mexican fast food should head down to a Taco Bell to receive a discount of 10% off your order. This discount applies at any time, so you don’t have to worry. Simply present your military ID to earn this awesome discount.

Does Olive Garden give military discounts?

Olive Garden Italian Kitchen is a family-friendly restaurant chain in the U.S. There is currently no ongoing discount offered for military personnel, but Olive Garden has advertised special promotional offers to active duty, veterans, and retirees in the past.

Who has the best military discounts?

Travel Discounts

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Store Discount Eligibility
Extended Stay America Discounted rates Active duty
Great Wolf Lodge Up to 30% off Active and retired military
Greyhound 10% off Requires Veterans Advantage membership to book tickets online Active duty, retirees, and family members
Hertz Discounted rates Active duty

Do military spouses get free meals on Veterans Day?

You’ll need to show proof of military service to get your free Veterans Day meal. Paciugo’s will be giving veterans and active duty military service members a free 12 oz.

Is Burger King giving veterans free meals?

Burger King offers military members 10 percent off their orders, at participating restaurants.

Is Olive Garden offering free meals to veterans?

Eligible customers who come into an Olive Garden on Veterans Day can get a completely free meal paid in full by the restaurant, which includes an entrée from a special Veterans Day menu, plus unlimited soup or salad and garlic breadsticks to round out the meal.

Does subway have a Veterans Day special?

Subway does not have an official military discount, however, some franchise locations may offer a discount at the owner’s discretion. … On Veterans Day and Memorial Day, several restaurants offer complimentary meals or special deals. Some food franchises offer special military discounts all year round.

Does Chick Fil A do anything for Veterans Day?

On 11 November, from 5-8 PM All military veterans will receive a free regular sized Chick-fil-a sandwich meal, waffle fries and beverage included. Veterans and military personnel, active or retired, are FREE at Children’s Fairyland on Veterans Day.

Who has free food for Veterans Day?

71 Veterans Day Free Meals 2021

  • 01 of 71. Chili’s. …
  • 02 of 71. Red Lobster. …
  • 03 of 71. Starbucks. …
  • 04 of 71. Krispy Kreme. …
  • 05 of 71. Denny’s. …
  • 06 of 71. Olive Garden. …
  • 07 of 71. Outback Steakhouse. …
  • 08 of 71. Golden Corral.
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