Frequent question: How do I get a free year of Disney Plus on Verizon?

How do I get Disney Plus free for a year Verizon?

To access your free Disney Bundle, enroll in Verizon’s Play More or Get More unlimited plan by February 28, 2021 on the Verizon website.

How do I get free Disney Plus on Verizon FIOS?

Find your reference number in:

  1. My Fios app: From the top menu, choose Account, then Add-Ons. Scroll to Disney+ then tap Manage. …
  2. My Verizon online: From the top menu, choose Plan, then Add-ons and apps. Choose Manage Your Products then Disney+ to see your reference number.

How do I redeem Disney plus Verizon?

First, log in to your Verizon account on the My Verizon app. Go to your Account under the drop-down menu and then click “Add-Ons.” Then select the “Entertainment” tab. You’ll be able to connect your Disney Plus account to your Verizon account from here after Verizon applies a promo code to your Disney Plus account.

Do Verizon carriers get free Disney plus?

Included on your Verizon account for no extra charge with qualifying wireless phone plans. For $6/month when you upgrade from the Disney+ on us subscription.

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Is Disney+ free with Amazon Prime?

Prime members can now enjoy up to six months of Disney Plus for free when they sign up with Amazon Music Unlimited, which costs $8 a month. Read on for details on how you can qualify.

How can I get Disney+ for free?

How To Sign Up For The Disney+ Free Trial

  1. Step 1: Navigate to the Disney+ website.
  2. Step 2: Click the button entitled ‘Start Free Trial’ — or hit the one below.
  3. Step 3: Enter your email address, followed by your credit card information.
  4. Step 4: You’re in! Now all that’s left to do is make a note of the renewal date.


What is error code 83 on Disney plus?

Upgrade your device firmware or OS. … For instructions, check out How to Update iOS on the iPhone, How to Update Your Android OS, and How to Update a Samsung Smart TV. Try a Different Account. The explanation of Error Code 83 from Disney is that it can be caused by account problems.

How do I activate free Disney+ on Verizon?

To subscribe to Disney+ without Hulu™ or ESPN+, refer to Add Disney+ – My Verizon app.

  1. Open the My Verizon app .
  2. Tap the More tab (lower-right) then select Add-ons & Apps. …
  3. Do one of the following: …
  4. Enter then re-enter the email address you wish to use with your Disney Bundle subscription then tap Validate.

How do I activate Disney+ on Verizon?

Perfect, all you need to do is add Disney+ to your Verizon account and then complete your setup through Disney. To get started, open the My Verizon app. Tap the More icon in the bottom right, then tap Add-ons & Apps. You’ll be asked to sign in, if you haven’t already.

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How do I activate my Disney+ bundle with Verizon?

In My Verizon: Go to your Add-ons page. Click View all Add-ons. Click Disney Bundle (Disney+, Hulu & ESPN+).

How do I get Discovery Plus for free?

Discovery Plus is free for a year for select Verizon Unlimited customers. The streaming service, which houses shows from Discovery, HGTV, and Food Network, typically costs $5 a month with commercials, or $7 a month without ads. Select Verizon Unlimited and internet customers can get a free year of Discovery Plus.

What streaming service is free with Verizon?

Verizon is offering the entire Disney streaming bundle — Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ — for free to some unlimited wireless customers.

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